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9 Best Free Video Editing HD Software for PC Windows 2022

The rise of social media giants like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram has confirmed one thing; video is leading the digital world today. Influencers, businesses, movie stars, and basically everyone with a camera phone nowadays make videos for their followers or associates.

Visual content like videos really varies based on the audience you’re trying to target. One of those special ingredients that all content creators need: Video editing software.

9 Best Free Video Editing HD Software for PC Windows 2022

Once an art form that was difficult to understand with powerful tools only available to industry professionals, video editing is now easier, faster, and more accessible to the masses. As a result, if you are in the market for a video editor, you will find several paid or free options to choose from.

Free video-correction software, however, is a hit-or-miss. Some only offer basic level features, some are too glitchy or clunky, while others can even provide a better experience than some of the paid counterparts.

If you are in the market for video editing software, it can be difficult to find a way out that suits your needs.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to test the waters before investing in expensive software, or you want to use studio-quality tools and effects without paying for expensive programs like Premiere Pro; There is a free video correction software in this detail just right for you.

Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of each to determine which free video correction software is best for you.

Top 3 Free Video Correction Software Snapshots
What is Video Correction Software?
The 9 Best Free Video Correction Software for Windows
Best Overall: Best PowerDirector
for Experts:
Best DaVinci Resolve for Online Use: Best Online Movie Makers
for Professionals:
Best Lightworks for Intermediate Users:
Best Shotcuts for Presentations:
Best VSDC for Beginners: Best VideoPads
for Beginners with Advanced Features: Best Openshots
for Advanced Hobbies: Hitfilm Flash
Difference Charts Best Free Video Correcting Software
Steps to Convert Videos
Download Best Free Video Correction Software for Windows PC Best Free Video
Correction Software FAQ
3 Top Free Video Correction Software Snapshots
PowerDirector Symbol
1. Best Overall: PowerDirector
Designed for beginners and professionals, PowerDirector is the best free video correction software in the market. It’s easy to learn and has a lot of impact that lets you make studio-quality corrections in an instant. Detailed discussion >

Learn again
Download Safe
Download from App Store for iOS and Android.
DaVinci Resolve Symbol
2. Best for Experts and Professionals: DaVinci Resolve
Industry standard software that brings together correction, color revision, visual impact, motion diagrams, and production on audio, all in one. Referenced for several experts. Detailed discussion >

Movie Maker Online Symbol
3. Best for Online Users: Online Movie Maker A
simple editor that works online without downloading and installing software. It lacks some great features. Best for simple corrections and quick reconciliations. No changing experience required. Detailed discussion >

What is Video Correction Software?
To put it simply, a video editor is a digital program that is used to manipulate and compile video clips after you have finished recording. It can be used to perform some simple tasks like adding a switch between your clips or more sophisticated ones like adding blockbuster special effects. The best free video editing software allows you to add text, images, sound designs, true colors, and more to your videos.

All 9 Best Free Video Editors on PC
1. Best Overall: PowerDirector
PowerDirector Essential
Compatibility: Windows, macOS

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User Friendly: 10/10
Continuation Features: 9/10
Easy to Learn: 10/10

PowerDirector ranks as our best free video editing software overall because it’s an excellent option for editors of all skill levels. We found its intuitive interface and plain design to make it easy for beginners to create video content, while its powerful features and powerful hardware acceleration will satisfy even the most experienced editors.

Dive right in with easy-to-use tools, effects, transitions, and titles without paying for follow-up features or requiring any initial video editing experience. The free version of PowerDirector will meet all your daily video editing needs.

PowerDirector is a long-time champion of the prestigious PC Magazine Editors’ Choice award and is fully referenced by Techradar Pro. It includes professional and AI-powered tools to turn your videos into Hollywood-quality masterpieces.

User-Friendly advantages
for all experience levels, beginner to professional
Many compositing tools (chroma key, masking, blending, etc.)
Multiple AI Tools (sky shift, motion search, audio increment, etc.)
Plug -in includes monitor recording tools and video collage design
Patterns free export limited Free
Versus no permission to use Shutterstock and iStock built-in libraries
Take our picks for the following best free video editing software:

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Download Safe
Download from App Store for iOS and Android.
2. Best for Experts: DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Completion Interface
Compatibility: Windows, macOS, CentOS

User Friendly: 6/10
Continuation Features: 10/10
Easy to Learn: 2/10

DaVinci Resolve is the most advanced free video editing software in this detail, and it’s hard to believe if it’s completely free. While it can be great and awful for those who don’t have the experience of changing initially, when you have a deep knowledge of proofreading and need a powerful program, Resolve is your best option.

Overall DaVinci Resolve is a clean and intuitive program that you might never expect to be free. It offers a variety of great features, including a smart color revision tool that lets you change your skin tone, eye color, and lip color at the touch of a button. It offers the power to produce high-quality visual impact and the power of audio correction.

If you’re creating feature documentaries, narrative films, TV commercials, or shows, there’s really no reason not to use the free video editor DaVinci Resolve over paid software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid. If you just want to put together home movies, this is not the editor for you.

Professional non-linear correction
AI-based magic mask
Audio engine with support for 2,000 tracks
Cinema-quality visual impact and show-level motion diagrams
Requires expert level experience and knowledge
Requires powerful engine to run smoothly
3. Best for Online Use: Movie Maker Online
Filmmaker Online Interface
Compatibility: All modern OS with web browser

User Friendly: 9/10
Continuation Features: 1/10
Easy to Learn: 10/10

Based on our discussion, Movie Maker Online is the easiest to reach tool for converting videos online for free. No online editor can compete with the best free video editing software installed on a PC because it can’t be as feature-rich or robust. But if you need to make minor corrections and don’t need any continuation features, online tools are a great option.

Movie Maker Online is really useful if you want to make simple videos without needing to take software. Upload your video immediately on the website, make all your corrections, and grab the finished video.

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Movie Maker as the best video editor for low -performance netbooks, because it has no RAM requirements or specific operating mechanisms to move. One big drawback is that the free Movie Maker Online completely has no follow-up proofing.

Free music collection Free
photos Slideshow maker
No continuation correction
required Internet access
4. Best for Professionals: Lightworks Lightworks
Compatibility: Windows, macOS

User Friendly: 7/10
Continuation Features: 7/10
Easy to learn: 6/10

We found Lightworks to be the easiest-to-reach free video correction software for a number of professionals. While DaVinci can be a threat to mid-range users, Lightworks is more inviting. So, if you want to take the first steps in professional editing, look no further.

It’s been around all year, and the professional edition was used to transform box office hits like Pulp Fiction, 28 Days Later, and Congo. If you are ready to work on learning this free video correction software, this is a good option.

The workspace is divided into four dedicated tabs – log, edit, VFX, and audio. One important thing to note is that the free version of Lightworks only allows video to be exported up to 720p, while the Pro can export in a wider variety of patterns and resolutions. Pro includes several additional features and plugins.

Creates 30 year track record
Used to make Hollywood feature films
Automated QC
Not beginner friendly
No impact tools
5. Best for Intermediate Users: Shotcut
Interface Shotcut
Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux

User Friendly: 5/10
Continuation Features: 8/10
Easy to Learn: 5/10

If you’re not a pro but want to move beyond iMovie and other basic free video editing software, then we’d recommend Shotcut as an excellent choice. With its unique drag and drop audio and video file manager, added power to export 4k videos, any video editor with multiple experiences will find it easy to use.

This is an excellent next step if you’ve moved from basic free video editing software like Movie Maker Online. This is really good for intermediate users who are not ready to switch to professional level video correction software.

The program is open source, so once you pick it up, you will have access to all its features and can customize the interface as you wish. It may take a little while to get started, but it’s worth the effort once you’re up and running.

Shotcuts offer great effects and filters that will help you produce high-quality videos for free.

Open source, scalable editor Computed
continuation impact
Sound compensation for video speed switching
Unfriendly to beginners
Unusual interface that takes time to get used to
6. Best for Presentations: VSDC VSDC
Compatibility: Windows

User Friendly: 5/10
Continuation Features: 7/10
Easy to Learn: 7/10

If you are looking for a great way to create a business presentation, VSDC is a good option. It is relatively easy-to-use software with all the basic tools you need to create engaging video content.

The program offers advanced correction features, such as color blending and masked effects, that you don’t expect from free video correction software of this kind.

While VSDC is better suited for making presentations, a typical video editor will find some of its features to be enough to make a happy video. This includes happy projects like family video greeting cards.

Besides, working with charts and creating videos for certain multimedia devices is easy with VSDC.

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Pencarian gerak
Export gampang ke media sosial
Ketepatan subpiksel
Antar-muka yang tidak dipulas
Kebanyakan feature yang diselinapkan di submenu
7. Terbaik untuk Pemula: VideoPad
Antar-muka VideoPad
Kompatibilitas: Windows, macOS

Keramahan Pemakai: 6/10
Feature Kelanjutan: 4/10
Gampang Didalami: 8/10

Bila Anda baru mengawali perjalanan pengoreksian video dan inginkan piranti lunak pengoreksian video gratis yang paling fundamental, VideoPad ialah opsi yang bagus. Di mana PowerDirector termuat dengan feature, VideoPad secara komparatif diperkecil. Ini ialah lokasi yang baik untuk mengawali tapi pada akhirannya, Anda kemungkinan melebihinya dan ingin tingkatkannya.

Beginner video editors can immediately train themselves with their proofreading tools without spending any money. It features a variety of pre-built sound shifts and effects, along with some great features like a camera shake reduction tool, in a close and easy-to-understand format.

This program offers everything you need to make clean and simple videos without much skill. It performs most of the fundamental roles you could expect in a free video editing software but it doesn’t go that far.

Please note that VideoPad as a free video editing software is for non-commercial use only.

Simple base
Pre-built transitions
Direct export to YouTube and social media
Great features limited
UI looks a little outdated
8. Best for Beginners with Continuation Features: Openshot
Interface Openshot
Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux

User Friendly: 6/10
Continuation Features: 7/10
Easy to Learn: 7/10

Openshot is a little tricky compared to VideoPad but still easy for those just starting out. With this free video correction software, you will have access to more powerful video correction tools and a little more room to grow.

This program is open source, so anyone can use and customize the program to meet their needs.

Beginners will find the built-in templates, real-time preview, and continuation timeline features useful for learning the correcting strings, while intermediate users will appreciate the unlimited layer options.

We don’t recommend Openshot for professionals as we find some features don’t work as expected which can be frustrating for those with tight deadlines.

Strengths Unlimited
Open source
Nice looking interface
Few video tutorials
Some features play no role making corrections frustrating
9. Best for Advanced Hobbies: Hitfilm Flash Hitfilm Express
Compatibility: Windows, macOS

User Friendly: 4/10
Continuation Features: 9/10
Easy to Learn: 4/10

HitFilm Flash isn’t a professional tool, so it’s not used to change the next Marvel movie, but if you want to create a Hollywood-looking visual impact, we consider it one of the best choices. It is wrapped in a VFX tool. Unfortunately, the trouble is with DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks, so be prepared to invest some time learning the software.

It offers all the basic features a correction fan would need in a free video editing software. The option to add more features starts at $9 and you can pay per feature there.

If you’re a mid-level fan interested in visual impact, this might be a good option for you. This software includes one of the largest free VFX toolkits on the market. This free video correction software includes color reconciliation, keying effects, lens flare, and lightwords.

Being a non-professional video editor, HitFilm Flash does offer some surprising features like Unified 3D Space and puppet tools.

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