Have you done regular flexibility exercises in the past? This exercise is different from strength training or weight lifting. The primary function of flexibility training is to make your posture better or more flexible. Dancers, yoga, or cyclists most commonly perform this exercise. The flexibility of movement is much more today. You can try various yoga and pilates moves or perform multiple exercises using fitness machines.

flexibility exercise

Agility and flexibility exercise movement

If you are confident in practicing flexibility, choose one of the following movements or forms of exercise. We have selected eleven of the best moves just for you.


Flexibility Exercises with Seated trunk twist

The primary function of this exercise is not only to increase body flexibility but also to stretch the abdominal and back muscles. Did you know this exercise is also highly recommended for people with prostate cancer?

First, please sit on a flat bench or regular chair with your hands on your chest. Then pull your body to the left and right sides. Please perform this exercise for two sessions, counting eight times per session. Aside from doing the above-seated torso twist, you can also try stage two with a tool like a ball. The extra weight makes this exercise better.


Single Leg Deadlift

You can do mobility exercises without equipment or with dumbbells and kettlebells. Stand with your right foot higher than your left, then push your left foot back (the torso will move automatically). Meanwhile, keep your hands straight in front of you (almost touching the floor). Pause for a few seconds before returning to the standing position. Repeat this exercise for two sessions with 8-10 movements per session (alternating leg positions).


Flexibility exercise: Fold overstretch

If the previous two moves are still not enough, continue the exercise by trying this move. First, stand with your feet together, and then grab the floor with your hands. When you perform this move, your torso will gravitate to follow gravity. Wait a few seconds before returning to the starting position. You can combine this exercise with the previous flexibility moves if it feels straightforward.


Flexibility Exercise: Ball Crunch

There are many forms of flexibility training, including using an exercise ball. Sit on your exercise ball and position it so that your back can rest comfortably on the ball. Then bring your hands behind your ears and shrug. A few tips for ball crunches: Maintain proper posture when leaning on an exercise ball. When doing sit-ups, try to keep your head up and not move.


Flexibility Exercise: Tree Pose

Those who enjoy yoga are probably very familiar with the tree pose movement, which is a popular yoga move. First, stand on the yoga mat and bend your legs so that the sole of your left foot touches the thigh of your right leg. Next, line up your palms so that they feel across your chest. Try to stand in this position for at least 20-30 seconds and then change the position of your feet. This flexibility exercise is straightforward. Unfortunately, while it may seem easy, many people still find it challenging to balance themselves in a tree pose.


Flexibility exercises with Plank

Who said flexibility movements are difficult? In addition to tree yoga, there is another equally simple exercise, the Plank. Planks help you improve flexibility and strengthen your arm and abdominal muscles. Are you ready to try Plank? Please lie on your stomach on the yoga mat.

Slowly raise your body until your feet and arms form the foundation. Planking forces your body to balance correctly. Plank the duration for at least 30 seconds, but the longer the time, the better, and it will provide optimal results. Gradually increase the course of the Plank to allow your body to adjust.


Ball Leg Raise

Previously, we presented examples of flexibility exercises using an exercise ball. Here we recommend other moves that can help you improve your lower body flexibility. Lie on the floor or yoga mat and place your fists under your buttocks. Then lift the exercise ball with your legs (slightly bent leg position). Finally, raise the exercise ball until your knees bend and your abs contract.


Child Pose

Only a few people know that this flexibility move is beneficial for relieving back pain. The starting position is sitting with your legs bent backward, then bringing your hands forward to touch the yoga mat. Slowly move your body back until your buttocks almost touch the soles of your feet (hands are vertical). Pause for a few seconds before returning to the starting position.


Ball Jacknife

This form of flexibility training not only improves body balance but also helps to maintain health. The Jacknife Ball is an exercise ball mobility move. First, assume a high plank position with your feet resting on an exercise ball (make it as comfortable as possible, so you don’t fall). Then pull your leg up until your knee bends down and almost touches the mat. Make sure your calves are still over the stability ball for the jackknife ball. Finally, straighten your legs to return to the starting position. Perform this exercise several times, depending on your physical capacity.


swan stretch

If Tree Pose is a yoga move, Swan Pose is a Pilates move. For the starting position, please lie on the mat with your palms next to your chest and your elbows bent. Next, tuck your chin into the mat and hold that position for a few moments, then raise your head back up. In this mobility exercise, the position of the legs and buttocks must be vertical (only the upper body moves).


Ball torso twist

Please lie on the mat and stretch out your arms (hands touching the floor). Grab an exercise ball with your feet and position your calves over the ball (knees bent). Next, move your feet left and right, ensuring your feet stay over the ball. Those who lack balance will generally have difficulty performing this simple movement. However, over time you will master the moves perfectly.


Benefits of Flexibility Exercise for Your 30s

So here we also explain the benefits of this exercise for those of you who are over 30 years old. Take a close look at the help.


maintain posture from flexibility exercises

If your posture is slightly bent and makes you look less good, then this flexibility exercise is the solution. We strongly encourage you to follow the exercise program above to improve your posture. Intensive practice and precise movement techniques will make your body more flexible. The bent posture also becomes better and straighter.


reduce stress

When you do yoga or Pilates, you sometimes combine exercise with meditation. This meditation process makes your mind more relaxed and comfortable. Also, your focus will shift so entirely to the technique and movement of the exercise that you won’t think about anything anymore. This method is much more exciting and cheaper than tranquilizer pills, right?


Reducing the risk of pain or injury with flexibility exercises

Have you memorized all of the moves from the flexibility training examples above? Do the exercises regularly to get the most benefit and reduce the risk of injury and pain. Considering that at your age, body aches can occur at any time due to strenuous work activities both at home and at work.


prolong age

Regardless of the type of exercise, whether flexibility or cardio, all are good for maintaining health. A healthy body lets you live longer, right? At least you won’t become susceptible to disease due to a weak immune system. Playing sports is one of the essential bridges that prolong life. Do you want your body to stay fit and fresh even though you are not young? Feel free to make the different flexibility moves that we explained earlier. The moves recommended above are straightforward and can be learned quickly.


Not a lot of fitness equipment is needed, exercise balls and mats. Both tools are sold in the market at affordable prices.