How To Remove Shorts From YouTube App

You can disable the YouTube Shorts from the YouTube application. You can check out indirect strategies to eliminate the Shorts attribute from the app. The Shorts alternative of YouTube has been presented recently to raise the involvement of the application. Those short video clips can be removed briefly from the homepage by clicking on Not Interested.

To eliminate the shorts from YouTube, you need to mark them straight as Not Intrigued to stop those suggested short video clips. You can even uninstall the updates of the YouTube application from Settings by clicking on uninstall updates. It will certainly not delete your account. However, merely go back the application to its old variation, which will certainly assist in doing away with Shorts instantly. You can comply with a few steps to eliminate your previously viewed shorts video clip history.

Exactly How Does YouTube Order Shorts:

The Shorts function in YouTube is a current update by the application. This upgrade by YouTube was introduced in 2021 to boost interaction on YouTube as per one’s browsing task.

It has explicitly been noticed that brief video clips of a few secs or a minute tend to record even more engagement on different systems.

For that reason, the Shorts attribute has been presented to acquire more views on YouTube to raise YouTube’s interaction. Visitors choose to scroll tiny brief videos one after one more effortlessly, which is why this attribute has been introduced. It gets many more sights and makes it easier for individuals to see brief video clips of a min.

Customers these days favor seeing brief video clips of a couple of seconds on YouTube instead of lengthy videos of several mins. For that reason, short videos on various systems acquire numerous views. Likewise, this feature was purposely added to enable users to scroll one after another brief video clip easily on the YouTube platform itself.


Can you Eliminate the Shorts Option from YouTube?

The Shorts alternative can be eliminated by utilizing indirect approaches. Although you can not straight get rid of the alternative from the current version, using the old or previous version of YouTube after installing it would undoubtedly aid you in getting rid of the Shorts.

You can uninstall the upgraded version of YouTube and set up the previous old version of 2020, i.e., the version before the application of Shorts.

If you uninstall the most recent variation and mount the older version of YouTube, you won’t get the alternative ‘Shorts.’ As this choice is a brand-new one and is offered in the most recent variation of YouTube, you can uninstall the upgraded variation and set up the previous version of YouTube in an APK style.


How To Disable YouTube Shorts:

You have several ways that you can take to disable the shorts from the YouTube app, right here are a few listed below:


  1. Eliminating Shorts from YouTube App:

You can eliminate the short videos shown as recommendations on the homepage of YouTube. The Shorts shown as tips on the homepage can be removed by clicking Not Fascinated. You’ve to do it until all the recommendations are noted as Not Interested, so they are removed from the homepage.

As you don’t have any alternative to disable Shorts directly from the latest upgrade of YouTube, you must mark all the recommended brief video clips as Not Intrigued and then freshen the homepage.

The following actions will lead you to eliminate the brief video clips from your YouTube homepage:

Step 1: Open up the application on your mobile.

Step 2: Visit your Google account to proceed.

Step 3: Next, scroll down the homepage to find the Shorts displayed as suggestions.

Step 4: As you see the cover of each video clip recommended in a row, you need to click on the three-dot alternative that is presented on the cover of every short video clip.

Step 5: It will certainly prompt your screen with two various choices. You’ve to click Not interested, and the brief video clips will quickly disappear.

Step 6: You need to do it continually to note all the brief video clips in the row as Not Intrigued and refresh the web page after that. You’ll find that all the recommended short videos are eliminated.

After you remove all the recommended Shorts from your homepage by noting them as Not Interested, it will not guide you anymore, even after you rejuvenate the homepage. It will undoubtedly work till you restart the app after shutting it down.


  1. Mounting the Old Version:

As the Short function of the YouTube application is a current upgrade that YouTube introduced in the year 2021, you can mount the variation of the application from April 2020 to obtain the application free of the Shorts feature.

The version of YouTube from April 2020 is older and does not have the Shorts function. Therefore if you mount that older version, you won’t need to manage the Shorts attributes in the application anymore.

First, to install the older version of the YouTube application, you’ve to uninstall the most up-to-date version of the application of YouTube from your mobile.

The adhering steps will lead you to the information on how you can uninstall the current version to install the older version of YouTube:

Action 1: Open up the Setups alternative on your mobile from the Food selection section.

Step 2: Scroll down to discover choice Applications and also Consent.

Step 3: From the following page, click on Manage apps.

Step 4: Then, from the checklist of applications, scroll down to find YouTube. Click on it, and after that, click on Disable.

Step 5: Next, open Google Chrome and look for YouTube apk.

Step 6: It will show results with a few links to the YouTube apk. You’ve to click on the 3rd link to proceed.

Step 7: Scroll down the page and then click Program All Variation.

Step 8: It will certainly present you with a list of variations of YouTube.

Step 9: From the listing, click on the version that’s from April 2020. On the complying with page, click on Download APK.

Step 10: Now, the older version will be downloaded on your device, and then click on Install to launch it on your mobile.


  1. Uninstall YouTube Application Updates:

You can uninstall the updates of the YouTube application to get back the older variation of YouTube that does not have the Shorts function. By uninstalling the recent updates, you can use the older and non-updated versions of YouTube.

The non-updated or the older variation doesn’t have the Short attribute. As a result, you can get rid of it quickly by uninstalling the updates.

If the Android tool does not enable you to uninstall YouTube after that completely, you can uninstall all the recent updates on your YouTube app to use the older version. However, this will function only on those phones with Android updates before 2021.

The following actions have all the information that you need to understand and carry out to uninstall the YouTube updates:

Step 1: Open up the Setups application on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to locate the alternative Applications and Permission.

Step 3: Following, you need to click on Manage applications to obtain the listing of offered applications.

Tip 4: As you get to the app listing page, scroll to click YouTube.

Step 5: Following, you’ll locate the Uninstall Updates alternative. Click it and then click Ok on the confirmation box that motivates up.

It will undoubtedly uninstall the latest updates of the YouTube application, and you’ll be able to return to the previous version of YouTube, where you would no longer have the Shorts option.


All-time Low Lines:

It is a recent update by YouTube to raise engagement. You can eliminate those short video clips by noting them as Not Intrigued. You can uninstall the current variation and mount the older version of the YouTube apk from Google Chrome to get rid of the Shorts feature.

To raise YouTube’s involvement, the Shorts attribute has been presented to acquire more views on YouTube. Visitors choose to scroll little brief videos one after another effortlessly, which is why this feature was introduced initially. It is a current update by YouTube to increase involvement. You can eliminate those short video clips by noting them as Not Interested. You can uninstall the newest variation and install the older version of the YouTube apk from Google Chrome to obtain rid of the Shorts attribute.