During pregnancy, the mother must have experienced many changes. They start with physical changes and lifestyle. Sometimes mothers feel uncomfortable due to physical changes during pregnancy. Especially when the stomach gets bigger, some things that can do to reduce discomfort during physical changes are exercise. There are many sports that pregnant women can do. However, remember that pregnant women should do light exercises and avoid excessive movement of the waist or abdomen. Swimming for pregnant women is one types of light exercise that can do.

Swimming is a sport with minimal accidents, so pregnant women avoid injuries. In addition, the risk of falling and injuring your stomach is very low. The mother’s stomach is naturally cared for and supported by water by staying in the water. The free movements in the water help the joints in the mother’s body to stretch. Sometimes some mothers hesitate to go swimming during pregnancy. Many things worry moms about going swimming during pregnancy. Swimming for pregnant women is one of the safest sports. Mothers are allowed to swim from the first to the last trimester of pregnancy.

swimming for pregnant women

Things to watch out for when pregnant women go swimming

There are many things mothers need to consider when swimming during pregnancy. We recommend that you be more careful around the pool to avoid slipping. Mainly when the mother’s belly has grown. The unbalanced posture sometimes makes the mother more careful when walking, especially in wet and slippery areas. When entering the pool, we recommend you ask to be accompanied by the next person or partner. When swimming, use relaxed strokes. Enjoy every movement in the water. By enjoying every activity, the mother will feel the benefits of swimming. For example, we are practising breathing, relieving body pain, relieving stress and relaxing the body.


Various benefits of swimming for pregnant women

Here are the various benefits of swimming for pregnant women to be aware of, especially for those of you who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant

1. Maintain weight balance

The first benefit of swimming for pregnant women is to maintain body weight for pregnant women. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. However, do not let pregnant women gain excessive weight, as it can lead to obesity, increasing the risk of pregnancy complications. Therefore, to prevent this, swimming can be one of the sports that pregnant women can choose to keep their weight stable.

2. Treatment of back pain

One of the pains that pregnant women often suffer from is back pain. This is because the spine’s position must support the body, which becomes heavier and heavier as the fetus grows. To overcome this discomfort, pregnant women can swim to increase flexibility and muscle strength and reduce pressure on the spine.

3. Become a natural sleep aid for pregnant women

Regular swimming has an impact that can help pregnant women stay fit and sleep better during pregnancy. Apart from that, this fun sport can also help pregnant women to reduce stress during pregnancy. To make it even more fun, pregnant women can invite their partners or other family members to swim and accompany them.

4. Strengthens muscles and joints

The next benefit of swimming for pregnant is to strengthen the muscles and joints in the body to become stronger. When done regularly, swimming during pregnancy can help pregnant women reduce fatigue, overcome pain, and reduce swelling in the feet and hands.

swimming for pregnant women

5. Starting the blood circulation process

When swimming regularly can keep blood circulation smooth while strengthening the heart. In this way, the nutritional and oxygen needs of the pregnant woman and the fetus in the womb are.

6. Strengthen cardiovascular immunity

The next benefit of swimming for pregnant women is to increase lung capacity and allow pregnant women to breathe easily. In addition, swimming can also help build endurance during labour and reduce the likelihood of fatigue. Please note that swimming is a form of cardiovascular exercise.

7. Placing the baby in the right place

It is believed that swimming can improve the baby’s position to be in the right place. In addition, swimming can also encourage a breech baby to turn over as the tummy becomes lighter, which allows the pregnant woman’s body to align itself naturally.

8. Improving the mental health of pregnant women

Swimming during pregnancy can improve and enhance mental health and reduce the risk of developing some mood disorders after childbirth. Aside from swimming, pregnant women are also encouraged to have a lot of interaction so that they are not stressed and feel supported by many people.

swimming for pregnant women

Safe swimming tips for pregnant women

The following guidelines are designed to help pregnant women feel safe and comfortable while swimming:

1. Warm up before swimming

An important point that cannot miss before swimming is warming up. Warming up can be done within five minutes of swimming to reduce the risk of injury, increase muscle strength and flexibility, and increase blood flow to the muscles. After swimming, don’t forget to cool down to prevent muscle aches or soreness after exercise and restore the body to normal. The trick is to walk or stretch for about 3-5 minutes after getting out of the pool.

2. Consume enough mineral water

A lack of body fluids during exercise can put pregnant women at risk of dehydration. Therefore, make sure that pregnant women drink two glasses of water before swimming, one glass between sports and one glass after swimming. When the weather is too hot, pregnant women can drink more water or drink it whenever they feel thirsty.

3. Ensuring clean pool conditions

Pregnant women should confirm the condition of the pool is clean before swimming. Choose a pool where the water is clear and doesn’t have a strong smell. In addition, to feel more comfortable while swimming, pregnant women are recommended to swim in a pool where the water temperature is around 27-33 °C. Also, do not force yourself to swim if the chlorine levels in the pool are causing eye and skin discomfort or if pregnant women are nauseous from the odour.


Those are some discussions about swimming for pregnant women and safe guidelines. This is very important to note for those of you who are pregnant. especially if you still want to exercise while pregnant. I hope this article is useful!