The dangers of reckless use of diet supplements

Having a slim and ideal body is everyone’s dream. Some people do immediate things to achieve a perfect body shape, such as taking diet medications. But some adverse effects of diet supplements need to be considered. Diet medications contain certain ingredients that help people regulate their diet and digestive system. Diet medications generally work by reducing the absorption of food digested in the body. When used correctly, diet medications are effective for weight loss. However, there are some dangers of reckless use of diet supplemets.

Careless or unsupervised consumption of diet supplements can harm the body. The following dangers of reckless use of diet supplements are summarized from various sources:

diet supplements


Careless intake of diet supplements can lead to disorders of the digestive system. It is because diet medications help lose body fat, which can lead to digestive system disorders that can cause diarrhea and difficulty performing activities.


Damaged body metabolism

Of course, as living beings, we need food for fuel to move around. However, diet supplements disrupt the body’s metabolic processes as a substitute for food. The organs in the body lack energy until they are damaged.


Nutritional Deficiency

The diet supplements also contain phentermine and topiramate, which play a role in appetite suppression. Most of the time, users must pay proper attention to diet and nutrition when taking dietary supplements. They focus on appetite suppression. It causes the body to feel weak due to a lack of food. Long-term, it can lead to hair loss, easily breaking nails, and blood deficiency symptoms.



Consuming supplements without professional supervision is undoubtedly hazardous for the body’s organs. The heart beats because it is difficult to filter the active ingredient content that enters the body since it does not need these ingredients.



Addiction to diet supplements should be considered after the various dangers of reckless use of diet supplements mentioned above. It happens because using diet medication without another healthy lifestyle means that the weight loss you get is only temporary.


Frequent urination

Frequent urination is also one of the dangers of reckless use of diet supplements. The orlistat content in diet medications stimulates users to constantly feel the urge to have bowel movements. This content triggers contractions in the colon, making bowel movements smoother. The negative effect is that if consumed too often, the body can experience persistent diarrhea to the point where it lacks water or becomes dehydrated, making it difficult for the user to perform activities.



The last negative effect of diet supplements is complications. Continually consuming diet supplements puts the user at risk of developing various serious complications that can lead to death. Usually, diet medications contain ephedra, which affects blood sugar levels and high blood pressure, and can lead to poisoning.


If you stop taking these supplements, you will gain weight again. Eventually, the user will need the accessories to maintain an ideal body weight. Here the types of slimming products based on their shape you must know before consuming dietary supplements:


  1. Slimming pills or capsules

    diet supplements

Slimming capsules generally contain caffeine, sibutramine, and garcinia Cambogia in powder form packaged in pills or hard shells. This slimming supplement burns fat and “forces” fluids out of the body.

Side Effects: Most slimming pills or capsules cause difficulty in passing stool, tachycardia, excessive sweating, and imperfect weight loss effect. Sometimes the burned fat doesn’t come out and can cause other side effects.


  1. Fibers

Fiber-type slimming products make bowel movements easier due to fiber content. Usually, this supplement is in powder form and must first be dissolved in mineral water to be consumed.

Side Effects: Fiber induces bowel movements but is less effective at burning fat. In addition, too high a dose of fiber leads to digestive problems such as more frequent bowel movements and diarrhea. This situation can undoubtedly trigger dehydration.


  1. Dietary Supplement Softgels

With the oil content derived from plant extracts, this slimming supplement tends to be safer as it is more natural than capsules or pills. But the results are slower than capsules or tablets.

Side Effects: Although not as severe as side effects from diet capsules, supplements in soft gel packaging can sometimes cause irregular bowel movements if not offset by consuming enough fiber and water.


Types of slimming products based on how they work

  1. Accelerate the feeling of satiety

This slimming supplement affects the brain by increasing the production of the hormone serotonin, making the stomach feel full quickly.

Side Effects: This supplement contains the compound sibutramine hydrochloride, which can increase blood pressure, constipation, anxiety, and headaches. Since the side effects are pretty dangerous, using slimming products like this must be done with the doctor’s .


  1. Suppression of appetite

The mode of action of this slimming supplement affects the central nervous system by suppressing the hunger center in the brain, so people who consume it lose their appetite.

Side effects: Incorrect use can cause palpitations, insomnia, restlessness, tremors, and dry mouth. In people with high blood pressure, this slimming supplement can even cause a sudden increase in blood pressure, leading to the bursting of blood vessels and a stroke.


  1. Smooth the release of water from the body

This slimming product has diuretic properties that you can emphasize by increasing the frequency of urination.

Side Effects: Although you can lose weight quickly, these diuretics can be dangerous because they can cause the body to lack water and eventually disrupt its metabolism. This condition can be hazardous to kidney health as the kidneys are forced to work hard to pass urine continuously.


  1. Decrease in fat absorption rate

This slimming product has the task of inhibiting the activity of lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat so that the body can absorb it, so some of the fat cannot be absorbed by the body but is excreted directly with the feces.

Side Effects: Excessive consumption can cause diarrhea and gas and lead to wasting fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, and K).