How to maintain a healthy nose must be known and done. Because the nose is the most important part of all the holes in the human body. The nose is the first to deal with viruses, bacteria, germs, dust, and dirt in the air around us.

Many of us take great care to keep our face, eyes, ears, and even scalp clean. But many forget that the nose is one of the most important parts to clean compared to other parts. Here it comes down to how to maintain a healthy nose. A clean nose makes the nose more alert and healthier.

Do you know how your nose works? First, the air is inhaled through the nose and passed through special nerve cells to detect smells. These nerve cells are called olfactory. Next, the olfactory nerve cells convert the smell into information and send it to the brain for translation. The brain recognizes the smell as more specific, e.g. B. the smell of roses or the smell of garbage.

The nose not only detects smells but also filters oxygen that is passed through the body. Hair around the nose also cleans the air of foreign particles. The clean air flows through the nasal passages and is warmed and humidified before entering the lungs.

The nose is the sense of smell that is part of the human respiratory system. Of course, if the nose is problematic, you will find it difficult to breathe freely. To keep your nose clean and healthy, to breathe freely, and to identify smells well, follow some of the following methods of treating and cleaning your nose that you can do at home.

  1. Avoid pollutants and substances that irritate the nose

Cigarette smoke, pollution, and dust are the enemies of your nose. These irritants can reduce the effectiveness of the nose in filtering, warming, and humidifying the air. As a result, the sinuses become swollen and clogged, leading to worse allergy symptoms and even the risk of developing sinusitis.

To reduce exposure to these substances, quit smoking. Stay away from smokers as much as possible and wear a nose mask when leaving the house.


  1. Drink lots of water

Your nose produces mucus, also known as phlegm, to trap dirt from the air you breathe. Healthy nasal mucus is usually thin in texture, flows smoothly, and the amount is neither too much nor too little. One way to treat the nose is to get the nose to produce normal mucus by drinking water diligently.

Besides water, you can also replace it with fruit juice or milk. Unfortunately, dairy products can cause mucus to thicken in some people and tend to obstruct the nasal passages, also known as nasal congestion. So pay attention to how much milk you drink every day. Also, limit the habit of drinking alcohol, as this drink can thicken mucus in the nose.


  1. Reduce the habit of picking your nose

In the care and maintenance of the cleanliness of the nose, the habit or method of cleaning the nose that should not be done is picking the nose. Picking your nose can clear your nose of clogged debris. However, the habit also makes the nose prone to irritation.

This is because the nose has many tiny blood vessels that are very fragile. When your finger goes in to pick up nasal discharge, your fingernails can hit the vessels. As a result, blood vessels burst and you get nosebleeds. Once a blood vessel has burst, the healing process takes a long time. Especially when there is pain inside the nose, it takes several weeks for it to heal completely.

According to the Osborne Head and Neck Institute website, nose picking can also have an impact on the formation of sores in the nasal septum, or the cartilage in the middle of the nose. This condition is called septal perforation. Picking your nose with dirty nails can also increase your risk of infection. This can cause an abscess (small pus-filled bump) to form in the nose.


  1. Keep the air humid

Another no less important way to keep your nose healthy is to keep it moist. Dry air can trigger allergies and easily cause nosebleeds. In addition, dry air can reduce the sharpness of the nose work to trap dirt that comes in with the air.

To keep the air humid, you can use a humidifier in the office and bedroom. Alternatively, you can hydrate yourself with a hot shower or bath to keep your sinuses and nasal passages from becoming too dry.


  1. Thoroughly clean your nose

Compared to nose picking, nose health is better when cleaned with a salt spray. How to use a salt spray.

  • Prepare sterile saline spray and isotonic saline solution.
  • Position your head slightly forward and tilt it slightly to the right or left.
  • Introduce salt water into the upper nostril with the head tilted. If the saline spray is applied to the left, the head must be tilted to the right and vice versa.
  • Slowly spray the saline solution into the nostrils. Do not breathe in, but let the water out through the other nostril.
  • Remove the remaining water as if blowing your nose, but not too hard. Spray alternately.


Well, there are several ways to treat and clean your nose that you can do from now on. By keeping your nose clean, you also help maintain a healthy body and avoid various threatening nose diseases.