9 types of activities to avoid before working out

Sport is a physical or physical activity designed to maintain health and stretch the muscles of the body. However, exercises performed with inappropriate habits have a detrimental effect on the body.

Pre-workout habits can bring both good and bad results. And you are the only one who can determine the effects of the habit. This can be as simple as avoiding coffee or wearing appropriate clothing. With the right routine, your body will be able to function at a higher level and get you closer to your desired goals.

Some types of activities to avoid before exercising are very important to note. Because it can save the body from the worst possibilities.

The purpose of the exercise is to make the body healthier, not the other way around. Therefore, it is very important to consider some of these habits before training. As reported by Brightside, here we’ve rounded up 9 types of activities to avoid before working out:

1. Avoid exercising on an empty stomach

The first type of activity to avoid before exercising is avoiding an empty stomach. Some people use cardio fasting on an empty stomach. The theory goes that the body consumes fat and carbohydrates for energy, which can help you lose more weight.
However, if you haven’t eaten for several hours before a workout, your body may be using protein for fuel. This means you have less protein to repair and build muscle. Focusing on using fat as your primary source of energy doesn’t mean your body is burning more calories.

2. Avoid drinking too much before exercise

The type of activity to avoid before your next workout is drinking too much pre-workout. It’s important to be well hydrated before exercising, but avoid drinking too much water as this will try to balance blood salt levels. The cells can swell and symptoms such as dizziness, pain, and even vomiting can occur.
It’s best to drink water (15 to 20 ounces) 1 to 2 hours before exercise. Drink about 8 to 10 ounces 15 minutes before beginning. You may need to drink more if you sweat more or if the weather is warmer.

3. Avoid long naps

The type of activity to avoid before the next exercise is the habit of napping for too long. It’s okay to take a short nap before exercising, at least 30 minutes.
This is called a “power nap” and can increase focus and energy. However, longer naps can have the opposite effect. This can leave you feeling more lethargic than before you went to bed.

4. Avoid static stretching

The type of activity to avoid before the fourth exercise is avoiding static stretching. Static stretching can reduce performance and negatively impact running speed, reaction time, and power production. Muscle damage can also occur if the body has not warmed up beforehand.
That doesn’t mean you should avoid static stretching altogether. Instead, do it afterward because it will lead to more benefits.

5. Avoid starting exercise without adequate rest

If you want to exercise properly, you first need to make sure you start resting properly as well. Getting rest allows your muscles to recover and grow, preventing fatigue. You sleep better, the risk of injury decreases, and your level of performance increases.

6. Avoid drinking coffee

Caffeine is the most common ingredient in pre-workout supplements. It can help you by giving you the energy to exercise more and can even increase motivation and focus, but not for long. Consuming too much caffeine can cause contractions to build up in the colon, which can increase the likelihood of a bowel movement.

7. Hyperextension

Warming up is very important to optimally stretch the body so that our body is free to make changes. However, overdoing it can decrease performance and negatively impact running speed, reaction time, and power production.

8. Starting exercise without adequate rest

Naps are great for energizing, or to use the term “power nap.” But napping too long can leave the body more lethargic than it was before bed. Not only that but giving yourself rest allows your muscles to recover and grow, which prevents fatigue. We sleep better, the risk of injury decreases, and performance increases.

9. Choosing the wrong clothes

If you want to play sports, choose the right clothes so that the body can produce the right sweat. Avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing, such as, wearing only a women’s sports bra and no men’s clothing.
Wearing clothing that is too thick, such as jackets, or wearing too many layers is also not recommended. This makes the body sweaty and hot. When the cold wind hits the body, the sweat evaporates quickly, making the body cold.

It is best to wear clothing that allows your skin to breathe. Choose comfortable and cool clothing that allows the body to move freely. Cotton fabrics are highly recommended as they absorb sweat well.

These are the things to consider and avoid when we play sports. Fatigue is no excuse for us to avoid exercise. Surely everyone remembers the phrase “In a strong, strong body there is a healthy soul”. May we stay strong and healthy and be able to do many useful things for our fellow human beings.

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