10 sports to maintain healthy muscles and bones, let’s do it!

You need to know why we should exercise to maintain healthy muscles and bones. Studies have proven the impact and important role exercise has on bone health. Bones as support for the body to carry out all daily activities. Maintaining healthy bones and joints is everyone’s responsibility.

Exercise from a young age can help maximize bone density, growth, and strength. If you play sports regularly, by the age of 30-40 bone density reaches 1-3%. They also avoid reduced bone density in old age, depression, and getting sick easily. Would you like to know what exercise is and how important it is to maintain healthy muscles and bones? Check out his review below.

Is it important to maintain healthy bones and joints?

Maintaining healthy bones and joints should begin from the time children grow in age, one of which is through physical activity. Why does exercise make bones strong? You need to know. Exercise can put pressure on the bones, causing the bones to shed old tissue to form new tissue structures.

Exercising can boost metabolism and blood flow by providing calcium and minerals for bone formation. The stress on bones during exercise stimulates osteoblasts, which are cells needed to form new bone.

If 21-year-olds don’t exercise often, their bone density will be low because they were less active as a child. Meanwhile, when you are an adult, it is easy to fall and injure yourself, and even lose bones. Therefore, exercise is important to maintain healthy muscles and bones. Of course, you also need to exercise to maintain healthy muscles and bones.


Here is an exercise to maintain proper muscle and bone health!

Do you want to know which sports are there to maintain healthy muscles and bones? Weight training seems to be suitable for this. Weight-bearing is appropriate to maintain bone health. This sport has gravity-defying characteristics because it trains you to carry weight and increases muscle strength and balance. The following is an example of a weight-bearing exercise:


weight training

Weightlifting is believed to be able to get muscles and bones to work hard to increase bone density. This strength training is usually done with barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. Strength training can not only train muscles but also burn fat. Do the exercise slowly and gradually at least 2 times a week to keep the bones strong.



For strength and health in bones and muscles you can count on the art of dancing, you know. Latin dance styles like salsa and tango can put a lot of strain on bones and joint mobility.


up and down stairs

Who would have thought that physical activities like climbing stairs would turn out to be one of the sports to maintain healthy muscles and bones? This activity can be an effective way to make up for lost exercise time. You can do this in public places like bridges, offices, terminals, train stations, or your home.

Activities up and down stairs can strengthen the muscles in the body. When climbing stairs, all bones and muscles move actively. The more you move, the more your metabolism increases, allowing you to burn more calories. This activity can prevent bone loss.


Skipping rope

Exercise to maintain muscle and bone health is fairly simple and has many benefits. That jumping rope or jumping can keep the heart and blood vessels healthy, you know. This sport can build maximum muscle strength in a short time. When it comes to jumping rope, speed matters.

The health benefits of jumping rope are very diverse, one of which can build upper and lower body muscles. Since speed is important, the heart races faster with this exercise. If done regularly, it is heart-healthy. This exercise is suitable for weight loss, do 20 minutes.


tai chi

In old age, it is important to maintain bone density. However, it is also necessary to exercise and maintain body balance. One of the sports to maintain healthy muscles and bones is tai chi. This sport has an intensity that focuses on the lower body and balance.

Those suffering from osteoporosis are recommended to do tai chi for one to three sets of 5-8 reps



If you ask what sport is easy and cheap? Jogging is the answer. This sport can be practiced anytime and anywhere without having to spend a penny. Doing this activity four hours a week can reduce the risk of broken bones and hip fractures by 41 percent.



For everyone who likes the world of travel, climbing or hiking are in the foreground. Hiking can also provide health benefits, particularly for increasing bone density. Besides health, hiking is also a means to relieve stress because you can see beautiful scenery.



The next sport to maintain muscle and bone health is badminton or badminton. This sport promotes bone strength and density due to the technique created by this sport. The movement involved in swinging a racquet, involving the arms, wrists, and shoulders, can make the body more flexible.


Non-weight-bearing sports, what are they?

There are still many types of exercises to maintain healthy muscles and bones that are very beneficial. In addition to sports that are based on body weight or weight bearing, there are also non-weight bearing sports. Training without weight bearing is the opposite of weight bearing, which is not based on body weight.

There are two non-weight-bearing sports, swimming and cycling. Both sports have the same role in health and maintaining bone density. It only makes a difference when you use the media in sports.


To swim

Swimming is one of the sports to maintain healthy muscles and bones. This activity does not rely on Earth’s gravity as it uses water as a medium. Swimming has many benefits as it can build muscle and improve lung and heart function. When swimming, all limbs work, so bone density is maintained. In addition, it is believed that swimming can increase height and reduce weight.



Biking is a very rewarding and fun activity. In addition to the health of the body, cycling can soothe the heart as it allows one to enjoy the surrounding scenery. Regular cycling every 30 minutes every morning can have a positive effect on the body.

This sport can lose weight because it can burn calories in the body. However, it depends on how long, how far, and how fast you drive. May improve brain health and most importantly, minimize the incidence of heart and blood vessel disease.


Thus, a complete description of which sports to maintain muscle and bone health are easy for you to do. Not only the absorption of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, and others. But sporting activities are also very necessary for the body. Exercising increases bone and muscle health.