There are 3 forms or options to fatten up the body quickly and naturally. This includes healthy eating, exercise, and activities. On this occasion, we will discuss how to make the body fatter through exercise.

Exercise doesn’t just help with weight loss. But some sports can add weight. This type of exercise can be used to build muscle mass. Below are some exercises that can help you gain weight.

  1. Exercise for weight gain – lifting weights

One type of exercise that can build muscle mass is lifting weights. Weightlifting is very suitable for men. So men who want to look macho and bold can do this activity. Arm and abdominal muscles are formed by this one sport. But not only limited to this, but the body will also look full. You can do this type of exercise at least three times a week.


  1. Sport for weight gain – jogging

Jogging is a sport that has two advantages. That means losing weight and gaining weight. Through jogging activities, it can automatically increase your appetite. You can feel that after jogging because you get hungry. And that’s when you can eat a pretty big portion. Well, if you jog every day, your appetite will increase. This leads to weight gain.


  1. Exercise for Weight Gain – Anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic is a type of exercise as opposed to aerobics. If an aerobic exercise can lose weight, anaerobic exercise can add weight. This type of anaerobic exercise does not involve oxygen in any of its activities. Anaerobic exercise is characterized in that it involves physical activity but is of short duration and high intensity. With anaerobic activity, the energy will be full, so the body will automatically become synergistic.


  1. Exercise for weight gain – push-ups

Push-ups are a form of exercise that can build muscle mass. So when someone does this sport, the muscles of the body will be sculpted and the body will look bigger and fuller. The thing to note is that fat here isn’t fat that stretches, it’s fat due to the muscle mass formed.


  1. Exercise for weight gain – pull-ups

Pull-ups are quite a strenuous exercise because you need to be able to lift your weight. This sport is perfect for men who want to build muscle mass. But it doesn’t stop there. Women who want to look fat can also do this activity. However, remember that this must be done fairly and proportionately.


  1. Exercise for weight gain – sit-ups

The next sport is sit-ups. You can do this type of exercise every afternoon before you shower. By doing sit-ups you can burn calories and your body will be much fitter and your body will look fuller. Sit-ups are beneficial for building core and abdominal muscles when done correctly. In addition, this exercise can be performed without tools. After mastering the basic sit-ups, practice while doing variations to make them more effective. Do sit-ups with proper posture as this exercise can cause neck and back injuries


  1. Weight gain Sports – swimming and gymnastics

Swimming is a sport that involves all the organs of the body. Starting from the external organs and ending with the internal organs. Swimming is very good for health and also stimulates the appetite. When you finish swimming, it will generally increase your cravings for food or appetite.

Gymnastics is a fun sport and can lead to weight gain. Usually, people who train their body shape diligently feel better and their faces look fresher.


  1. Exercise to gain weight – cycling and interval training

Cycling can tone muscles for greater leverage, plus it’s good for your heart health. So, if you’ve eaten a lot and want a proportionally fat body, get into cycling. The benefits of cycling are not only recreation or means of transportation but also good for the health of the body. Regular cycling can help you avoid various health problems, from stress to heart attacks. Cycling is one of the most practical and easiest sports.

Do you know interval sports? Interval training is a series of physical exercises that are performed repeatedly and interspersed with rest periods. For example, you can do three minutes of cardio, three minutes of strength training, and other sports.


  1. Exercise for weight gain – morning run

Running in the morning can make you want to eat more. In addition, it is beneficial for your body as it can prevent heart disease. Morning jogs are also a fun activity. We can do it with other people while talking or listening to music. These conditions help our mind to become fresher as the benefits of playing the guitar can be achieved.

Although exercise appears to be able to burn fat, actual exercise can increase appetite and fill our bodies proportionately. So don’t just carelessly grease it. Well, those are 9 types of exercises that can increase weight naturally and appropriately.