Do you want to make a YouTube short longer than 15 seconds? You go to the best location! YouTube brief is a platform where short, up-and-down-fired videos are given more attention. Though, you are allowed to simply 15 secs. You can make your shorts longer than this. So, how to make a YouTube short longer than 15 seconds? Maintain reading this blog site to discover.


For how long can you make your YouTube brief?

YouTube shorts permit your shorts to be as long as one minute. This is enough time for informing a short story or showcasing your content. This limitation resembles TikTok as well as Insta reels. Guarantee your recordings and also material fit within this 60-second limit. A 15-second video clip may be as well short for some people.

If you desire to inform a unified tale to your target market or desire to share a recipe, there’s a great chance that you will only be able to pack it some within 15 seconds. That’s why you must fully use these one minute.


Exactly how to make a YouTube short longer than 15 seconds: Step-by-step overview

You can choose whether you want to keep the shorts for 15 seconds or longer than that. Right here are some guidelines on exactly how you can do that:

  1. Check in to your YouTube application.
  2. Now, touch develop to start recording your short YouTube video.
  3. Now, if you desire your YouTube brief video to be longer than fifteen secs, you can touch 15 over the record switch. This will let you record your video clip for as much as 60 seconds.
  4. To begin tape-recording, hold the capture switch.
  5. Once you are done recording, touch the capture switch again to quit taping.

3 Reasons Marketers Must Focus On YouTube Shorts

From TikTok to Instagram, short video clips continue trending across social networks. However, if you’re currently using TikTok and Instagram for short-form video clips and YouTube for long-form video clips, do you require to develop short-form video clips for YouTube, as well?

Although YouTube Shorts is the latest of the significant short-form video clip applications, fantastic videos are already the most preferred. Since June 2022, YouTube Shorts has tallied more than 1.5 billion users each month and logs an average of 30 billion views daily.

While still impressive, TikTok logged simply 1 billion monthly individuals in the platform’s latest report. If you want your brand name to be where users are, YouTube Shorts is an apparent selection.

Let’s check out a few reasons brands need to think about focusing on YouTube Shorts, especially now that it’s so quick and straightforward to produce them.


YouTube Shorts Increase YouTube Channel Growth

Posting appealing long-form web content regularly can be extremely valuable for network development and various other objectives. As even more individuals take in YouTube shorts, it’s crucial to understand how long-form and short-form videos contribute to your channel’s development.

According to YouTube execs, shorts are excellent for introducing your brand name to a new audience, which makes them a vital element of the consumer trip. When you concentrate on both lengthy and temporary content, you’re likely to see optimal YouTube target market development and retention.


YouTube Shorts Improve Discoverability for Your Private Long-Form Videos

YouTube lately announced that audiences who enjoy your network’s shorts would start to see your long-form videos in their suggested videos.

And given that imported shorts consist of links to the initial video, they can also help drive traffic from the YouTube homepage to long-form material. That implies utilizing YouTube’s new Shorts development tool has the prospective to bring in brand-new short- and long-form video clip customers.


YouTube Shorts Optimize the Value of Your Network’s Long-Form Video clip Content.

Excellent web content takes some time and sources to develop, specifically when it pertains to long-form videos. If you’re using separated operations to produce short- and long-form material or releasing various content to both feeds, you might be doing your channel an injustice.

YouTube’s new option for turning videos into shorts is more than a time-saving tool. It likewise allows you to repurpose resource-heavy material so you can remove much more worth from long-form video clips without doing a lot of additional jobs. Given that this brand-new device helps any one of your long-form videos, it could be fantastic for resurfacing older material that’s still evergreen.


4 Ways to Use Imported YouTube Shorts

How can you add this device to your short-form video clip material strategy? Allow’s to look at some use cases for imported YouTube shorts.


Develop Teasers for Long-Form Video

Want to urge subscribers to view a long-form video? By importing it right into YouTube Shorts, you can share a brief fragment to pique your target market’s interest. Given that you can produce text overlays throughout the editing procedure, you can include added context developed to drive traffic to the initial video clip.


Share Handy Tips

Does your team publish a lot of densely stuffed instructional web content? With this device, you can quickly turn intricate long-form content into bite-sized shorts. Because you can develop numerous shorts from the same initial material, a solitary video can supply a lot of material for your Shorts feed.


Give Updates

Do you need to upgrade a feature or standard you pointed out in a long-form video? Instead of spending quality time and resources on an entirely new video, you can share a fast upgrade in a short, consisting of a snippet of the original video clip for context.


Display Evergreen Web Content

Intend to display one of your channel’s most prominent long-form videos? With YouTube’s new Shorts development tool, you can drive much more.



A YouTube short video clip should be at most 60 seconds. With that being said, that’s how you can make it longer.

YouTube brief is a system where short, vertically shot videos are offered much more attention. YouTube shorts enable your shorts to be as long as 60 secs. Now, if you want your YouTube short video to be longer than fifteen seconds, you can tap 15 above the record switch. YouTube’s brand-new option for turning video clips into shorts is more than a time-saving tool. By importing it right into YouTube Shorts, you can share a short fragment to ignite your audience’s interest rate.