Practicing leg strength training is also very important. But unfortunately, it is often overlooked by many people. Leg muscle strength training is straightforward, and you can easily do them at home or the gym. Leg muscles fall into three categories. The first is the quadriceps muscles, the calf muscles, and finally, the hamstrings. Some athletic movements can stimulate the strength of all leg muscles simultaneously, such as B. climbing stairs or running.

Leg strength training

How to train leg muscle strength

Healthy feet help you work more actively and with more energy. Along with maintaining an ideal body weight, also perform the following leg muscle training techniques:


Calf raises with dumbbells.

Do you want to train your calves to make them stronger and more muscular? You can try exercise techniques with dumbbells that are available at home. Calf raises with dumbbells are not only good for your calves, but they’re also good for maintaining ankle balance.

First, stand on the yoga mat and hold dumbbells in both hands. The position of the dumbbells is straight ahead, with the palms facing in toward the body. Next, please tiptoe and then return to the original position. Perform multiple dumbbell calf raises without rest. Maintain a straight posture during this exercise.


Practice leg strength with goblet squats

Have you ever heard of this exercise or done it? Goblet squat is a variation of dumbbell squats. This movement is good for the legs and effectively trains the buttocks up to the biceps. Please assume a squat position, holding a dumbbell in both hands. Dumbbells lie directly against the chest and are supported with both hands. In the next movement, lower your body by bending both knees. When trying this exercise, the dumbbell position should stay the same. Pause for a few seconds before returning to the starting position. Do eight reps of goblet squats.


Seated one-leg toe raise

Leg strength training can be anywhere in the fitness center or the HOME GYM. Please try this move if you decide to use dumbbells as a training aid. The seated single-leg toe raise is a straightforward leg muscle exercise. Starting Position: Sit in a chair and place two dumbbells on your thighs. The next step is to raise the heel of the foot (tiptoe) while holding the dumbbell, then return to the starting position. Perform the seated one-leg to raise for a few reps each day.


Leg strength training by skipping

This exercise not only affects the increase in leg muscle mass but also stimulates the contractions of the abdominal and shoulder muscles. Skipping involves cardio exercises that can quickly burn calories every minute. Use a skipping rope and start jumping over it. For best results, perform this leg muscle strength exercise for 15 minutes.


Dumbbell Thruster

Still, do this simple exercise with dumbbells. At first glance, dumbbell thrusters have almost the same movement as squats. The difference is in the position of the dumbbells, which are just above the shoulders.

First, stand with your feet apart and place the dumbbells on your shoulders. The next step is to lower the body to form a squat slowly. Finally, raise your body back up until your legs are vertical, and stretch your arms until the dumbbells leave your shoulders. At first glance, this movement may seem more complicated than dumbbell squats, but its benefits are numerous. Dumbbell thrusters can be the ultimate form of strength training for the leg muscles.


Leg strength training with dumbbell deadlifts

In general, those who enjoy exercising in the gym know very well what deadlifts are. This movement is effortless and suitable even for women. The first position is standing and straightening your legs while holding the dumbbells. In the second step, bend your knees 90 degrees, so your torso is leaning forward while your buttocks protrude backward. In this position, the dumbbells must be perpendicular to the knees (hands vertical).


Barbell Squats

Would you like to try variations of leg strength exercises with barbells? Of the many exercises, this is the one we recommend the most. The barbell squat is a simple barbell lifting exercise that’s quick and easy. Starting position, please stand up and put the barbell on your shoulders (make sure your hands are in the proper position and grab the barbell well).

Then squat by lowering your body down until your knees bend. In this exercise, the barbell is still above the shoulders. For more training benefits, try barbell squats for 12 reps. If you’re good at this exercise, there’s nothing wrong with trying three sets of exercises.


Hamstring curls with dumbbells

There are many ways to train leg muscle strength, one of which is this exercise. Before attempting this exercise, ensure you have the necessary equipment, such as a flat bench and dumbbells. Clamp the dumbbells between your legs, being careful not to drop their dumbbells. (See the video here.)

Then, lie in a prone position on a flat bench. In the starting position, ensure your legs are vertical while your hands are holding the flat-body bench. Slowly raise the leg until the calf is fully bent, then lower back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise a few times and increase the dumbbells’ weight for perfect results.


Strengthening of the leg muscles with dumbbell squats

What is the difference between the barbell squat leg muscle strength training technique and this dumbbell squat? This exercise is almost the same. The difference is in the type of tool used. Stand up and hold dumbbells at your sides (legs slightly apart). Slowly lower your body until the dumbbells almost touch the floor, and your knees are bent. Finally, raise the body back to its original position. Please do squats with dumbbells 10-15 times according to your physical ability.


Static lunges with dumbbells

Side lunges are one of the most powerful exercises to increase leg muscle mass. For the results to be much better, try dumbbells during the workout. Static dumbbell lunges are the same as side lunges in general. As a first step, please stand up straight while holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Then move your left leg forward until your thighs and stomach are parallel while lowering your right leg, so your knee slightly touches the floor. Hold your body in this position for 30 seconds and return to the starting position. For maximum results from this exercise, do three sets of 15 movements each.


Benefits of leg muscle strength training

The increase in muscle mass in the legs can be the main reason for doing this exercise. If done regularly and adequately, leg muscle exercises offer many benefits. What are the advantages? Come on, see below:


Improve body balance

Of the many important parts of the body, the feet are the mainstay of the body. Imagine if your feet weren’t in the best condition. Chances are you will be able to walk once you run correctly. Performing a number of the above exercise techniques will help your leg muscles to do their job to the fullest. Therefore, choose a few exercises that you can easily do every day.


Improves back health

Exercise for the leg muscles also has an impact on back health. This state is possible, considering that a muscle exercise can stimulate the performance of other muscles. For those of you who often do heavy work in the field or the office, you can try various leg muscle exercises to help maintain a healthy back. No need for challenging exercises, just skipping or barbell squats you can do at home.


Good for body metabolism

Various core muscle exercises are great for the body’s metabolism. However, leg muscle training increases the body’s metabolism by 2x. A good body metabolic system helps to disperse excess calories or fat into the body. It’s unsurprising that many people choose running or jumping to lose weight.


Improve body fitness

Do you want to be a good runner? In addition to practicing breathing to keep them from tiring quickly, a runner also needs to maintain the health of their leg muscles. How one? Just follow the leg muscle training techniques as we explained before. Regular and correct training gives maximum results. If your body initially tires easily after exercise, your body will feel fitter and stronger.


Reducing the risk of diabetes

Scientifically conducting various forms of leg muscle strength training can control insulin levels. The types of exercises that we can perform are very diverse. You have to adapt them to the needs of your body. There’s also the type of movement that researchers recommend the most, which is the squat exercise. Therefore, perform these exercises with variations of dumbbells or barbells.


These are some of the leg strength training moves that we’re introducing. Given the many benefits of the above exercise, are you still hesitant to try this exercise? Come on, choose one or more exercise techniques.