When someone is exposed to the Covid19 virus, the common symptom is shortness of breath. It requires breathing exercises. One of the breathing exercises that you can learn is the Wim Hof breathing exercise. This one breathing exercise will be beneficial to speed up the healing process. WHB (Wim Hof Breathing) is one of the pillars of the breathing method, along with mindset training and cold therapy. Many people use this method to achieve a better quality of life, including overcoming Covid19.

Wim Hof Breathing exercises for Covid19

WHB is an unusual method of breathing that aims to obtain maximum and controlled air, even though the body’s condition is not healthy. How is Wim Hof’s breathing method against Covid19?


Sit in a meditation posture.

First of all, you need to be in the proper position, the meditative position. The chosen meditation position is either lying or sitting. When you are meditative, maximize your lungs for inhaling and exhaling.


Take 30-40 deep breaths.

Once you are in the proper posture, clear your mind of all thoughts and problems. Make your body and mind as comfortable and relaxed as possible so you can focus on your respiratory system. Breathe in as deeply as possible through your mouth or nose, and then exhale slowly.

Want more detailed steps? Start inhaling from your stomach up to your chest, and slowly release. Perform this breathing technique 30-40 times quickly and systematically. The side effects of this exercise are very diverse, ranging from tingling in the toes and fingers to dizziness. Although there are side effects, they are temporary and harmless.


recovery breath

As you exhale for the last time, do it as deeply as you can and stop breathing for a few seconds. Your lungs need oxygen, so breathe a lot so that the lung organs are optimally filled. As you inhale, your chest and abdomen also expand. Hold your lungs in deeply for 15 seconds, then exhale as usual. Do this breathing exercise 3-4 times without rest, then rest. The Wim Hof method we are explaining is straightforward. You can do it anywhere and anytime because you don’t need equipment.


Benefits of Wim Hof breathing exercises for Covid19

whim hof breathing
There are still many people wondering what the real benefits of the Wim Hof Breathing Method are for Covid19 patients. There are many answers, and we’ll go through them in full below:


reduce stress

Covid19 sufferers consist of patients with mild and severe symptoms. Patients with mild symptoms can recover within a few days after resting, taking medication, and improving their diet, but what about those with severe symptoms?

To keep your symptoms from getting worse, try this Wim Hof. This breathing therapy indirectly helps patients to deal with their stress. Stress from Covid19 is so common that even treatment can take longer than you might think. Wim Hof that you can deal with stress without having to take sedatives.


Helps sleep more comfortably

Who would have thought breathing exercises could help Covid19 patients have a more comfortable and restful sleep? However, you may need to learn the real benefits Wim Hof has for our nervous system. Those who have practiced the Wim Hof Method say that this breathing technique also helps them be more energetic in the mornings and afternoons. Meanwhile, when night falls, your body and brain rest calmly and comfortably, as they should.


The faster body recovery process

Want to know what the other benefits of Wim Hof breathing exercises are? Those who use the breathing method regularly will feel healthier and fitter. This condition is supported because Wim Hof helps the body improve its immune system. How one? Wim Hof breathing helps the body to neutralize or reduce the entry of pathogens or toxins that are harmful to the body. Anyone who often gets sick when the weather changes or for other reasons can overcome this condition with the Wim Hof.


Improve athletic performance

You may be wondering what sport has to do with Covid19. Of course, they exist, and there are many because Covid19 patients need a healthy and prepared body to be free from this disease. The best steps Covid-19 patients can take to recover are adequate rest, healthy eating, and exercise. WHB you do helps the body improve athletic performance. As a result, the light and fast exercises you do significantly impact your body’s fitness.


Overcoming autoimmune diseases

Imagine how much risk or danger accompanies Covid19 patients with a history of autoimmune diseases. To keep autoimmune diseases from getting worse, do WHB. The respiratory therapy process is not complicated at all. You don’t have to pay any money because you can learn independently.


overcoming other diseases

Not only does it help the body overcome the various diseases mentioned above, including speeding up the treatment of Covid19. WHB also enables you to relieve migraines or high blood pressure. Wim Hof breathing is one of the best breathing methods that we recommend. Learn this breathing exercise technique and do it regularly, even if you are no longer positive for Covid19.