What is CrossFit training? For those who train often, Crossfit must be familiar, right? At the very least, you must have heard that term or done so once or twice.

crossfit training

What is CrossFit training?

Crossfit training is classified as a physical exercise that conditions simple exercise movements so that they can be performed at high intensity. Crossfit is therefore classified as a high-intensity sport. CrossFit movements such as squats, weightlifting, push-ups, and other movements are common in the gym.

The key to Crossfit is the emphasis on load, distance, and speed. Thus, the CrossFit participants eventually have developments in their strength levels. To reach this level, you can use different sports equipment, including kettlebells, bikes, jump ropes, barbells, etc.

In general, Crossfit is flexible in choosing exercises to suitability and can have different goals for each person. Some want to lose weight. Some want to have a more muscular physique. Crossfit also emphasizes the variety of exercises. Because of this, CrossFit is a type of exercise that relatively anyone can do. Adjust the training volume based on age or strength.


Types of CrossFit Training

Now that we know what Crossfit is let’s discuss the types of exercises included in Crossfit. In general, Crossfit has derived names that are part of the daily exercise menu, namely:


CrossFit Training #1: EMOM

It stands for every minute to the minute, which means performing one perfect movement or prescribed repetition in one minute. An example of this is turning on the stopwatch and doing as many push-ups as possible in 1 minute. Take a short break and repeat the exercise with more push-ups. This video shows you how to do the exercise.


CrossFit Training #2: AMRAP

It stands for as many rounds as possible, which means doing as many exercises as possible in the given time. It is a type of CrossFit that is quite strenuous. For example, do eight squats and eight push-ups in 10 minutes.


CrossFit Training #3: RFT’s

Lap on time means completing the given number of sets in the shortest possible time. In this type of CrossFit, you only have a short pause between completed sets. It is proof that Crossfit is a pretty strenuous type of exercise.


CrossFit Training #4: chopper

A set that includes a series of sports moves usually needs to be performed quickly. The goal is to build significant muscle mass. Examples include 100 push-ups, 75 squats, 50 burpees, and 25 pull-ups, all of which you only have 10 minutes to do.


CrosFit Training #5: Tabata

This one menu contains eight sets of high intensity. For example, perform specific movements for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and continue until eight sets are completed. This type of Crossfit training is beneficial for burning fat. Most Crossfit sessions have target boards since we must complete each Crossfit session in one day, known as the WOD or workout of the day. Because of this, Crossfit is the choice of those with a highly competitive spirit.


WOD training menu

crossfit training
WOD has some varied training menus. The menu contains some exercises that it must complete in one day. Often the menu is analogous to female names. According to Crossfit founder Greg Glassman, most CrossFit exercises feel like a hurricane has hit them. Meanwhile, the names of storms around the world are always given female names. Here are the names of these “tough women”:



This exercise aims to complete as many of the three types of movements as possible in 20 minutes. The repetition of movements on Mary’s menu is relatively low compared to other Crossfit menus. However, it is still challenging to do. For example, start with five push-ups, alternate ten one-leg squats, and finish with 15 pull-ups.



Angie has you do 100 reps of four different moves in that order. Complete these 100 repetitions in the shortest time possible. Some people consider Angie as a menu that almost “kills.” Imagine doing 100 pull-ups, then 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, closed with 100 squats.



A Crossfit classic on the menu is Fran. It can carry out this menu step by step. It means that you do more and more repetitions in the given time in the following days. It would be best if you did Fran regularly to increase your power and skills before devouring more “wild” menus.



Karen is ranked as the most accessible Crossfit menu because she only performs one movement. But don’t underestimate Karen because it’s about a medicine ball that has to be caught. Try to do Karen with a 5kg medicine ball 150 times. Increase your distance from the wall every ten throws. Karen is guaranteed to feel cruel.


Crossfit training Benefits

As a sport, the benefits of Crossfit are fitness. However, the word fitness is too broad. Here are the benefits of Crossfit:


Increase physical strength

From the variety and menu of exercises, Crossfit focuses very much on physical strength as if trying to push physical boundaries. High-intensity physical exercise ultimately leads to better muscular strength and endurance.


Improving heart and lung performance

Crossfit allows you to breathe in more oxygen during exercise. It is proof that the heart and lungs are the two organs that benefit.


Increases agility

As mentioned earlier, Crossfit is a type of exercise that combines speed and strength. So, as a bonus, you get a more agile and flexible body.


Hold the weight

Crossfit training weight allows you to burn more calories. This way, we can maintain the ideal body weight, especially when Crossfit combines with a balanced diet. Along with the benefits, CrossFit also comes with risks. First, Crossfit is classified as a high-intensity sport. Therefore, it is not recommended for those who have joint problems or are recovering.

People with specific health problems must consult a doctor to avoid further endangering their health. Injuries are also a risk that overshadows CrossFit fans. Therefore, warming up is mandatory to minimize the risk of injury. In addition, you must pay attention to posture during exercise movements so that no injuries occur. It’s a good idea to take basic classes before starting Crossfit classes.


If someone asks what Crossfit training is, one can answer that it is a very demanding sport and has many advantages. With the flexibility to choose the type of exercise, you can make Crossfit an alternative exercise alongside bodybuilding. Would you like to try CrossFit?