9 exercises to lose weight with maximum results

Most people look for a diet program to lose weight, but dieting is no good either if it isn’t balanced with regular exercise. There are different types of weight loss exercises that you can do. With quite a wide range to choose from, there is no need to get confused in choosing an easy exercise that will give maximum results. You can lose weight faster by exercising regularly.

Several sports options for weight loss

Having the ideal weight is what many people want. However, dieting to achieve proportionate body shape without exercise cannot be maximized. With a balance between the two, mood can be improved, the risk of chronic diseases reduced, and bones strengthened.

Here is an explanation of exercise to lose weight fast:

  1. jogging

Jogging is a diet-supportive sport that, if practiced regularly, can help you reach your ideal weight. Basically, jogging can burn 300 to 370 calories in the body for 30 minutes. But it also depends on your intensity and speed when jogging. You can do this simple exercise regularly for 20 to 30 minutes to get used to it.

  1. Walk

One of the sports that doesn’t cost much but is healthy is walking. Walking is a healthy exercise that offers weight loss benefits. You can set a goal of walking 30 minutes every day for maximum results. Research says that walking for this length of time can burn up to 167 calories in the body.

  1. Exercise to lose weight by cycling

In addition to their function as a means of local transport, bicycles can also be used as sports equipment. Casual cycling can help with weight loss but needs to be done consistently. If you are lazy to cycle out of the house, you can use a stationary bike that is usually at the gym. 30 minutes of indoor cycling can burn 280 to 360 calories.

  1. Interval Training

The term interval training is commonly known as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which is high-intensity cardio exercise to burn calories. HIIT workouts are typically completed in 10-30 minutes for faster results. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, HIIT can burn 25 to 30 percent more calories than strength training. In addition, HIIT training can reduce belly fat in both men and women.


Yoga is known to have many benefits for our body. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are willing to hire a yoga teacher to come directly to their home at a high price. Actually, you can do yoga yourself without having to spend a lot of money to hire a teacher. But be careful, Bela, you have to prepare yourself for all possibilities, such as:  How to deal with injuries you might suffer. Well, to be more effective.

Some yoga moves will be difficult if your clothing is not flexible. Use elastic material to wear comfortably with every movement. A special mat is usually used for yoga in the studio, but for home you can use anything that is comfortable, such as a carpet or no mat at all. Do yoga on the floor? Why not! But I suggest you prepare yoga support gear. You will need some cushions as footrests.

As a rule, yoga is carried out together with a teacher. However, you can also do this yoga pose on your own at home, using references from various internet or youtube videos. Yoga has been proven to help lose weight, although the amount isn’t too much. You can do yoga for 40 minutes to burn 149 calories.


  1. Skipping rope

Despite being classified as a very easy sport, jumping rope has weight loss benefits. The calorie burn of jumping rope isn’t much different than jogging. A low-intensity jump rope can burn up to 281 calories in 30 minutes. At high intensity, however, up to 421 calories can be burned for the same duration.


  1. Pilates

One of the sports for weight loss that is similar to yoga. Pilates is a physical exercise where the focus is more on rehabilitation and strengthening of the body. In his movements he combines a sequence of slow motion and deep breathing. Beginner exercise can take 30 minutes and can burn up to 108 calories, but if advanced exercise can burn up to 168 calories.


  1. Aerobics

Gymnastic activities that can increase heart rate and breathing during exercise. Almost anyone can do aerobics, which is added to the accompaniment of music to make it more exciting. Exercise in this aerobic exercise can burn calories and control weight. Exercise for weight loss is very beneficial for the overweight.


  1. Walking up and down stairs

Exercising up and down stairs 10 times can burn calories in the body. You can also go down the stairs up to 20 steps with the same amount.


These are some types of weight loss exercises that will help you get maximum results. The exercise that is performed is usually easier without having to pay for it.