There are also different types of cardio exercises aimed at reducing the size of the stomach. Cardio exercises based on this will allow you to get rid of excess fat and protect your body’s fitness. It is recommended to do this exercise regularly about 3-4 times a week for best results.

Skipping rope

Jumping rope is one of the cheapest and very effective fat-burning cardio methods that you can try at home, in the gym, and especially when traveling. In just 20 minutes you can burn almost 220 calories. There are so many variations to try from beginners to experience. Some of the best ways to use jump rope as a cardio workout:


  • Use jump rope for 10-30 seconds and rest 10 seconds, then repeat 10 times or as many times as possible.
  • Use a jump rope for 30-60 seconds and immediately do movements such as jogging in place, jumping jacks, squats, or push-ups for 30 seconds. Repeat this process as often as possible.
  • You can increase the severity of this exercise by increasing the amount of time you use the jump rope and increasing other exercise variations.



You can do cardio jogging outdoors or indoors. For those of you who don’t have access to a large room, this exercise can be tried right on the spot. Compared to running, jogging puts less pressure on the joints, making it more suitable for those of you who have frequent knee problems. Jogging is also suitable for newcomers because the movement is natural and easy to try. The average person burns 110 calories per 1 mile (km). You can start with a 15-minute jog in the morning and increase your seriousness day by day.


Train up and down the stairs

Do you want to reduce your belly and tighten the fat in your thighs? Climbing stairs is one of the most efficient cardio exercises. No wonder you run out of breath after climbing the stairs, because our body uses up a lot of energy for this simple activity.

Not only that, but our leg muscles are also working hard to make that thigh-to-butt feel tighter. However, for those of you who have knee problems, stay away from stair exercises.



Have you ever heard of doing Zumba? Zumba is a very popular cardiovascular exercise for women and men of all ages due to its fun concept. Typically, this exercise takes 60 to 90 minutes and can burn almost 400 calories. Even if it takes a long time, what is certain is that doing Zumba makes time feel very fast!

For those of you who are not good at dancing, fear not because Zumba is easy for anyone to follow. You can do this exercise at home by searching for Zumba videos on YouTube. Many gyms also offer free Zumba classes to their members.



Next, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which involves the latest type of cardio exercise and is very efficient at burning fat. Training HIIT requires a lot of seriousness and therefore requires a shorter duration than other traditional exercises. Properly tried HIIT can optimize fat burning and increase the body’s metabolism for 24 hours. There are many variations of HIIT that you can try at home or the gym:

  • Bodyweight only (no bodyweight) such as jumping jacks, jump squats, lunges, planks, or push-ups.
  • Using weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and others.
  • By combining bodyweight and strength training.
  • Typically, each movement is attempted for 30 seconds and rested for 10 seconds after each movement, then repeated for a total of 20 minutes. Of course, you can change the time according to your skill limit. You can find lots of HIIT inspiration on social media or YouTube. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down to avoid injury.



The treadmill is one of the traditional exercise machines that is used very often. This machine is perfect for reducing body weight, toning the body, and increasing cardiovascular capacity. You can use a treadmill for walking or jogging.

The most efficient way to use a treadmill as a calorie burner is to set the incline to 2-3%. This setting can reduce the pressure on the knee and activate the body muscles, optimizing fat burning. You can adjust the speed depending on the desired seriousness.

You can also use the treadmill exercise machine as a HIIT by controlling the incline and speed according to your fitness level. For example, run fast for 30 seconds and then slow down for 1 minute. Repeat this process 10 times.


Static bike

It must be known that static bikes differ from ordinary bikes here. You can control the seriousness of this cardio exercise machine, making it much more difficult to use than a regular bike. Other than that, you don’t have to stop as the cars drive by and your body can burn fat efficiently. Who would have thought that an hour on an exercise bike could burn up to 675 calories?



If you want to lose weight fast, a rowing machine can help! Proper use of this cardio exercise machine can activate your muscles from top to bottom. Rowing can burn more calories than any other aerobic exercise machine, almost 840 calories per hour! Of course, this equipment is not very easy to use because of the required coordination between the feet and hands. However, after you master it, using a rowing machine regularly can give you the perfect body shape.



For those of you who have problems with your knees or waist, you should try this aerobic exercise machine. The elliptical way of working is similar to climbing stairs but does not distribute stress to the joints. In addition, you can train your upper and lower body on this training device using the lever grip. You can also increase the seriousness by controlling the resistance or strain on the elliptical screen.



Kettlebell exercise machines are very easy to use at home or in the gym because they don’t take up much space. You can choose kettlebells of different weights for different levels of difficulty. The weight of the kettlebell is also useful for building body muscles, so the metabolism speeds up. There are several moves you can try with kettlebells like kettlebell swings, squats, and lunges.


With the right routine and seriousness, you can burn up to 1200 calories in just 20 minutes. This aerobic exercise is good for getting rid of stubborn fat in the abdomen and reducing body weight.