Getting a healthy body is very simple, in addition to following a diet, you just need to do pull-ups. Why pull-ups when there are many other sports moves?

Pull-up exercises have been socialized for a long time. Ironically, it’s only the athletes who keep this movement as one of their main physical exercises. Although learning pull-up techniques and moves is not difficult. The benefits that this movement brings are also very numerous, you know.

Know pull-up exercise techniques

Pull-ups are a very popular exercise technique among athletes and the military. This exercise helps build muscle mass and is even suitable for those who want to strengthen their grip.

For those of you looking to master pull-ups, you should first understand the following techniques:


Australian pull-up

Is it the zero technique or the beginning of the pull-up exercise? A person can be called a pull-up expert if they are very good at this body row movement. You should assume a lying, supine position and place your hands on the pull-up bar while keeping your legs straight. Then raise and lower your body like a push-up. Australian Pull Up is the most basic exercise you can’t just skip. The time it takes you to master this exercise can be weeks or months.


Negative pull-up

The second pull-up technique is perfect when you master the first movement, which is performed while standing.

Jump and lean on the pull-up bar, then move your body up until your chin is over the brace. In this move, your legs should be in a bent and crossed position.

After that, slowly lower your body and remove your hands from the support. Repeat this exercise until you can do it properly.


Assisted pull up

To perform this pull-up exercise technique, you must position the pull-up bar parallel to your chest. Squat down and hold onto the pull-up bar (arms should be straight).

Then raise your body until your chest touches the pull-up bar and slowly lower it to the starting position. Perform this assisted pull-up movement as often as possible.


chin up

And another preliminary exercise technique that you must try is pull-ups. Please place both hands on the pull-up bar and bend your legs backward.

After that, slowly raise your body until your chin clears the pull-up bar. As with the other preliminary exercises, do as many pull-ups as you can until you master the exercise.


Pull-up technique: hand strength training

The next pull-up technique is arm muscle strength training. You can do dumbbell curls in addition to the four techniques or movements we’ve outlined previously.

Ideally, this exercise is done 2 times a week. The amount of dumbbell weight you use can be adjusted according to your ability.


push-up routine

In addition to regular push-ups, you can try variations of the movement like the reverse push-up. The push-up movement uses the bar as a pedestal.



Pull-up exercises can only be perfect and effective if you do the technique correctly. After you’ve mastered all six movements above, add more to practicing pulldowns. Go to any of the gyms in your town and use the pulldown machines there.


Benefits of pull-up exercises for body health

Which of the two types of people are you? Are you a person who likes sports and likes pull-ups or vice versa? It turns out that pull-ups bring a lot of benefits. Would you like to learn the different benefits of doing pull-ups every day? For more information see below:


develop muscle

Of the many benefits that pull-ups offer, most people are more interested in building muscle. Regular pull-up exercises can help increase muscle mass, including back, shoulder, and arm muscles.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are mistaken and think that the muscle benefits of pull-ups are only felt in the arm muscles. Pull-ups require more muscle strength in the upper back and infraspinatus than arm muscles.


Increase physical endurance

For those of you who are too lazy to do high-impact outdoor sports like biking or running, you can try pull-ups instead. In addition to building muscle mass, this exercise is also useful for increasing endurance.

Pulling up exercises for a few minutes can burn calories and fat in the body. Just imagine the benefits you will get from doing this exercise every day.


Good for losing weight

Instead of running or swimming, pull-ups don’t burn much sweat, but this movement can boost your body’s metabolism. It’s not surprising that many men and women are now turning to pull-ups to lose or maintain their weight. The benefits of pull-ups are worth trying, especially if you tend to eat a lot. At least you don’t have to torture yourself with pull-ups or bother yourself with healthy eating.


Mental health

Have you ever imagined that pull-ups are good for your mental health? When the pull-up is indirectly the focus of your attention or fully focused on the movement.

Based on research, physical exercises like pull-ups are also good for improving mood and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders. If you know and are good at pull-ups, you can even practice while listening to music.


healthy lungs

Another benefit of pull-ups you can feel is the improvement in lung health. Just like the heart, liver, or brain, the lungs are also very important to humans and deserve the best possible care.

Not only should you avoid cigarettes, car exhaust, and other toxins, but you should also prioritize pull-ups. The longer you train, the better.


Instructions and how to pull up well and properly

Doing pull-ups will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who get it wrong when doing pull-ups. As a result, the body is injured, and the benefits of pull-ups are not felt. How to pull up correctly step by step:


  • First, please prepare a pull-up bar that is sturdy and can bear your weight well.
  • Stand directly under the pull-up bar and bring your feet in line with your shoulders.
  • Next, please reach for the pull-up base and grip the bar as tightly as possible. Make sure your palms are facing forward, not down.
  • Slowly pull your body up until your shoulders reach the support. If you’re still strong and able, you can pull your body up to your chest approaching the pull-up bar. Exhale deeply during this movement.
  • In the fifth step, please bend your knees after crossing your legs. This position is effective for maintaining balance, you don’t get tired easily.
  • After holding the pull-up position for a few seconds, slowly lower your body until your elbows are straight. Then raise the body back to the fourth position. Do pull-ups according to your ability and needs.


Are pull-ups difficult? Of course, if this is your first exercise, you will find it very difficult. But with high consistency and the process of learning other pull-ups, you’ll certainly get used to it. In addition, the benefits of this exercise are also very numerous and good for our body.