7 easy ways to increase arm muscles

Which of the many tips or ways to strengthen arm muscles have you used? How long? Or has it never been?

As a result, efforts to increase the size of the arm muscles relate to only one term, namely “exercise to increase muscle load”.

So, the harder a person uses the muscles, the more naturally they will be trained and enlarged.

How to increase arm muscles effectively

In its development, exercises to increase arm muscles can be done at home or in a fitness center. Free. As long as it works. Because information or similar knowledge can only be obtained from mobile phones via applications and Internet networks. Well, here are some easy ways to do muscle exercises.


  1. Push-ups

This sport has long been followed and has had a major impact on efforts to increase the muscles of the arms, shoulders, and chest. The simplest variant starts with using both palms and toes for support. Then alternately lower and higher body movements follow. Besides that, what are the other versions?


Spiderman push-ups

The benefits of this push-up exercise lie not only in its ability to increase the size of the chest muscles. But it can also be used to train the lateral abdominal muscles to appear slimmer. The good thing is that you can do this sport at home without being accompanied by a mentor.


How it goes?

Position your body in the usual push-up position. Then bend one leg to the side. Make sure your knees are in line with your buttocks. Then do this movement alternately at a repetition rate of 30 times. When you are used to it, you can increase the frequency later.


push-up clapping

The key to success with this push-up technique is the pressure of the arm muscles when lowering the body. The concept is just like a feather. The stronger the jump, the lower the chance of clapping in the air. However, this push-up technique is quite risky. Especially when you lose concentration when you land after the applause.

Therefore, prepare as much as possible before doing push-ups. Do not forget to warm up so that the body has high flexibility.


Diamond push-ups

This push-up technique looks easy at first glance. However, it is quite difficult to apply it for the first time. This is because the weight of the body and arms is doubled when going down compared to regular push-ups.

The key to this technique lies in the position of the two palms together. Make sure the tips of your index finger and thumb touch to form an upside-down diamond.

Perform this push-up movement about 10 times per set.


  1. Arm muscle exercise with Chair Assist

In schools, the movement most commonly taught using a chair is called tricep dips. Is the movement effective? That’s correct. Because the arm muscles are stressed when they are strained by the body itself.

How to do this by placing both hands on the edge of the chair. Straighten your legs and slowly lower your body. When a 90-degree angle is formed, hold it for a few moments. Then push up with the strength of your arm muscles.

What if you get used to it? Just add more weight. For example, by wrapping a sandbag around your waist. It can also be different as you like. If arm muscles begin to tire, you should rest immediately. Don’t overwhelm yourself too much.



  1. Pull-ups

If push-ups work the forearm muscles, then pull-ups work in reverse. The only tool needed is a pole. If you are at home, you can use a high durability door frame. How it goes? Hold the pull-up bar with your palms

First, make sure your palms aren’t sweating. Only then do you hold the bar seriously? Get in the habit of taking a breath first. Just remove it when the body starts to be pulled up.

Pull your body up and align your shoulders with your palms

As the body begins to pull up, the back and bicep muscles respond. Usually, untrained muscles tense up immediately and want to stop immediately. Therefore, for balanced body weight, you should cross your legs.

Hold briefly, then slowly lower


How long should you hold the position when the body is raised? Just as much as possible. At least 3 seconds. Then why should you lose weight slowly? Let the arm muscles get used to the strain. The effect will be felt after a few days once after repeating this movement.


  1. Pull-up

The movement is very similar to the pull-up technique. The difference is that the position of the palms in the pull-up is more towards the body. Usually, beginners prefer this technique to pull-ups. Because when the weight is lifted, it feels lighter.

While pull-ups work the arm and back muscles, pull-ups focus on stretching the arm and chest muscles. Indirectly, the pull-up movement can also help to train the abdominal muscles. Although not as effective as push-ups or sit-ups.


  1. Train your arm muscles with the help of a barbell

There are two ways to increase arm muscle with a barbell that is very effective, namely the curling technique and the one-legged rear delt raise. Both movements use the support of the arm, especially at the base.

Here’s how to do it.


Curl Teknik technique

Before using this technique, first, choose a barbell with a rather lightweight. Only after getting used to it, you can take heavier ones.

Start by standing up straight. Grab two dumbbells of equal weight. Then grab the barbell and position it at your side. Do not move your elbows and do not hold them in this position for a few seconds.

Perform this movement about 12 times in one set.


Single leg rear delt raise technique

We recommend using a barbell with a weight of 2 to 3 kilograms. Then position the barbell to the side of your body.

Raise both arms until they are stretched out like a flight position. Then lift one leg backward while leaning forward. Hold the position for a few moments, then lower your legs and return to the original position.

Repeat this movement 10 to 15 times in one set.


  1. Triceps Down Dog

Have you ever done a plank? How to build arm muscles with this technique is also almost the same as performing the plank movement. The benefits of triceps down dogs aren’t just about being able to strengthen arm muscles.

However, this movement can also train the abdominal and back muscles.

How it goes?


  • Position both palms and toes so that they touch the floor.
  • Bend both elbows to support the body’s weight in a stretched position.
  • Raise your hips while keeping your arms and legs straight. Make sure your feet are still touching the floor as you lift your hips.
  • Then pause for a few moments and then return to the original position.
  • Repeat the triceps down movement 10 times in one set or round.


  1. Climbing

Rock climbing or wall climbing goes a long way in training your arm, leg, abs, shoulders, back, and abdominal muscles. When these muscles are exercised, the body’s endurance and flexibility will increase rapidly.

3 basic techniques must be mastered. Starting with wall climbing, slab climbing, up to crevasse climbing. The goal is to minimize the risk of accidents while maintaining a rhythm as the body begins to climb a cliff.


face climbing

The application of this technique is aimed at maintaining body balance. You do this by using the protrusions on the stone used to grip the palms and footrests.


slab climbing

This technique works better on cliffs that aren’t too vertical. Slab climbing relies on the rough surface of the cliff and the friction of the shoe sole. Usually more used by beginners.


crack climbing

Like its original meaning, rift means a split, tear, or gap. This technique can be performed by exploiting the gap in the cliff while climbing.


Raising the upper arm muscles requires consistency. Because discipline and consistency have the greatest influence on success in all sports. No tool, no sport, no trainer.