7 thigh shrink exercises that are easy to do

Everyone, especially women, wants to have slim thighs. Slim thighs make you look better, especially when you wear tight pants. The narrow thigh width also allows the body to move more freely. But unfortunately, the thigh is an area of ​​the body that is “favored” by fat. This happens because estrogen tends to accumulate fat around the thighs, hips, and pelvis, while testosterone favors the abdomen. This is one of the main reasons why it is difficult to burn fat and shrink thighs.

Luckily, some efforts can be made if you want to shrink your thighs, one of which is exercise. This thigh shrink exercise works by converting fat into muscle in that area. But to keep your legs from getting too skinny, the exercise needs to be a combination of weightlifting and cardio. Immediately after a workout, the body is advised to consume plenty of protein to build muscle, since strength training causes the entire body (not just the thighs) to lose muscle mass.

Now, what are some exercises to burn weak thighs? Here are some types of exercises you can shrink down to that are easy to do.

  1. Treadmill (running)

Running on a treadmill means you’re doing an effective cardio workout to burn excess fat while increasing muscle mass. In practice, gradually adjust and increase the incline later. This is because the greater the incline, the greater the strength of the hamstring and hip muscles. Treadmill or running is an effective way of exercise to reduce hamstrings Another alternative when a treadmill is not available is to run regularly. Do it for 15 minutes at first and then gradually increase the duration.


  1. StairMaster Stepmill (upstairs)

Spending 20-30 minutes on the StairMaster at the gym can help build muscle. This exercise can slim the lower body, with the main target being on the calves, hips (glutes), and quads. Step mill for training the leg and thigh muscles. So, for maximum training results, you should eat foods with a high glycemic index about 30 minutes before training and not drink water before training. The foods are, for example, bread, rice, cake, melon, watermelon, pineapple, and others.

But what if you don’t take physical education classes? Use the stairs instead of the elevator at home or in the office. Even in the mall, choose the stairs instead of the elevator if you want to go to the next floor.


  1. Squats (squats)

The existence of a toilet seat in modern times makes it less likely that we will squat. Although this movement shrinks the thigh, you know. Therefore, when doing sports, do not forget to include the effect of squats to shrink thighs.

The trick: Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Lower the body while bending both knees, and try to transfer the weight of the body to the legs. Extend your arms parallel to your knees for balance. Straighten your back, then count from 0-8 before returning to the starting position.

Squat movements can also shrink thighs. Do this exercise to shrink thighs up to 6-8 times a day depending on body endurance. Most importantly, don’t overdo it.


  1. Cycling

Yes, cycling is indeed an activity that engages many lower body muscles such as thighs, legs, glutes, and hips. So if you have a bike and the office location is quite affordable for him, then use the moment of commuting to work as an exercise to shrink your thighs. Cycling is not only healthy, but it can also slim your thighs. If the surrounding roads are not considered safe or comfortable enough, a silent bike can also be used. Although you have to spend more to buy it.


  1. Lunge (ambush)

Who would have thought that one of the poses in this yoga could also shrink your thighs?! To do this, first, stand up straight and bend your knees slightly. Step forward with your right leg and bend it while leaning forward so that your entire body weight is concentrated on the front leg. Allow the left leg to relax behind you. Hold this position for a count of 8 before switching to the other leg. Begin this exercise with 3 sets (1 set consisting of right and left leg), then gradually increase the frequency.


  1. Knee plank

For the knee plank, let’s start with the table pose as in yoga. Next, extend your left leg straight back (making sure your toes are pointing toward the ceiling) while extending your right arm so it’s parallel to the floor. After that, bend the left leg inwards and bring it under the body so that it is close to the shoulder, repeat 5-6 times. Apply to the other leg as well.


  1. Lift and hold your leg

This type of thigh shrink exercise that we discussed last is suitable for those of you who are very busy. If you don’t have time to go to the gym or work out at home, you can do it in bed before bed. This exercise not only shrinks the thighs but can also tighten the abdomen. The method is very simple, you just lie on your back with the position of both arms at your side. Then raise both of your legs, which are straight and close together, to form a 45-foot angle. Hold this leg position as you count to 8, then lower and relax. Later, when you get used to it, raise your legs longer. Start with 6 exercises and slowly increase the frequency. Not only can you shrink your thighs, but this movement can also tighten your abdomen. fun right?!

What’s clear, when exercising, watch your diet shrink your thighs. Also, be patient because it always takes a process and also time if you want to see the results. Don’t give up or stand still in the middle of the road, because then all previous efforts will be in vain.