Diabetes has unpredictable effects. It makes it difficult to determine the type of activity, especially exercise, for diabetics. Although diabetes affects health, it is still necessary to exercise to minimize the other health effects caused by diabetes.

Safe exercise for diabetes patients

The truth is that people with diabetes must accept that there is no cure for the disease. However, this does not mean that We cannot treat this disease in a way that does not cause complications. One thing you can do is keep the sugar content within the allowed limits. Exercise has been shown to keep people with diabetes active and lower blood sugar levels. The following types of exercise are recommended for people with diabetes:


Exercise for diabetes patients #1: stroll

Exercise for diabetes
People with diabetes are also usually overweight. Therefore, walking is the most accessible exercise for people with diabetes. Thirty minutes of leisurely walking in the morning is highly recommended to bring the body down to a minimum of aerobic fitness.


exercise for diabetes patients #2: water sports

Exercise for diabetes
Water sports are a type of exercise that is safe for the joints considering that people with diabetes are often associated with obesity or old age. Water activities provide the benefits of exercise for the heart, lungs, and muscles without putting stress on the joints. Exercising in water can lower blood sugar levels just as effectively as on land.


exercise for diabetes patients #3: team sport

Exercise for diabetes
There are different types of exercises for people with diabetes that can be done in groups. Call it futsal, basketball, tennis, and badminton. Exercising with a group of the closest people can also provide additional motivation to live more enthusiastically.


exercise for diabetes patients #4: weightlifting

Exercise for diabetes
Strength sports such as weightlifting help build muscle mass. This activity burns many calories in the body every day. Strength training also helps control blood sugar levels, based on a report by the United States Diabetes Association.


exercise for diabetes patients #5: gymnastics

Calisthenics is a sport that aims to build muscle in the body through motor movements. This sport is not just for diabetics; it uses body weight as a burden. Some of the calisthenics moves as an exercise for people with diabetes are push-ups, pull-ups, and squats to train abs.


exercise for diabetes patients #6: Pilates

Exercise for diabetes
This one sport is designed to improve the body’s muscular strength, coordination, and body balance. Based on research, women with diabetes who do Pilates diligently have a better chance of controlling their blood sugar levels.


exercise for diabetes patients #7: Yoga

Exercise for diabetes
Like Pilates, yoga can also be a sport for people with diabetes. Not just sugar levels, yoga helps control cholesterol levels and blood pressure and improve sleep quality. All of these benefits help people with diabetes have a better mood.


Stay active on the move.

In principle, exercise is highly recommended to maintain fitness. Especially for people with diabetes, exercise keeps the body active and thus helps to lower blood sugar levels. From this, the key is that the body must remain actively moving.


At home

If you’re a person with diabetes who doesn’t exercise much outside the home, there are many reasons to stay active. For example, low-intensity exercise while watching TV. The movement is easy and can be done with simple hand movements. Cleansing activities, even if not included as exercise, are a way to keep the body busy so that you can reap the benefits of exercise for people with diabetes.

Try cleaning bathrooms, washing vehicles, cleaning between air vents, or arranging plants in your yard. Sometimes the beginning is difficult. One suggestion is to move around while the TV show is on paused commercials. At this time, you are advised to exercise, for example, to drink drinking water. In the initial phase, we must force the movement.


On road

Who says you can’t be active on a trip? Surprisingly, daily routines can still be a way for people with diabetes to control sugar levels. For example, park your vehicle a little further away so you can walk to where you need to go. It also applies to public transport users. Get off a little further than you should. Or use the bike as an everyday means of transportation. Then it is advisable to use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. You can also use the shopping basket as a weight for a bit of movement when shopping.


In the office

When working in an office, you often can only move a little. There are exercises for diabetics that are very easy to do in the office—for example, walking into a meeting room, standing on the phone, or using a standing desk. Standing has been shown to burn more calories than sitting. People with diabetes are strongly advised to exercise their bodies at least once every 5 minutes. The movement is also simple. It just stretches the muscles while sitting by straightening the legs and arms.


maintain diet

we cannot cure diabetes, but we can control it. In addition to exercise, food intake also plays a vital role in maintaining blood sugar levels. Eating a healthy diet while being active keeps blood sugar levels within safe limits. You may worry that you cannot eat carefree because of diabetes. That’s right.

However, some foods are not forbidden at all and even become sports companions for people with diabetes. The type of diet that is recommended for diabetics is all types of vegetables. There are carb-free vegetables like broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, and carrots. Some vegetables containing carbohydrates, such as potatoes and corn, can be eaten as a healthier source than rice.

Fruits with a sour taste, such as oranges, berries, apples, and grapes, are also suitable as healthy snacks. Avoid eating too many sweet fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and bananas. Sweet fruit is allowed only once a week so the blood sugar level is maintained.

Diabetes often triggers other health problems, particularly heart disease. Therefore, consume foods that are not “bad” for the heart, such as lean meat, fish, and eggs. This food is high in protein, supporting the diabetic exercise routine, especially for muscle building. Foods that are taboo for people with diabetes are fried food. It is because fried foods contain trans fats and saturated fats, which can clog arteries. Also, avoid packaged drinks containing artificial sweeteners sweeter than natural sugars.


So reviews about exercise for people with diabetes. Health is a choice. So the condition of diabetes is not a reason to stop the hindrance to exercise. Instead, we must control diabetes by staying active and eating a healthy diet for our body’s immunity.