Weight training may sound complicated and intimidating to some people, even if the benefits of strength training are good enough for your health. You can do the exercises anywhere. No need to go to the gym. Just use home machines instead of dumbbells or barbells. Weightlifting may be synonymous with men and big muscles, but do you know what the real benefits of this sport are? Of course, given the movements that stimulate muscles and produce sweat, lifting weights is much more beneficial.

The benefits of weight training

Do you need help deciding which sport to pursue in the long term? Before trying field sports like soccer or tennis, why not do strength training? Here are some benefits of lifting weights when you do it consistently.


Reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack

Many people die from heart attacks every year. On the other hand, quite a few people have lost their freedom of life due to a stroke. According to study results, lifting weights can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by at least 40%. The duration of the exercise you need to do is not even long, just 5 minutes a day.


Benefits of weight training: Weight reduction

The benefits of weight training go beyond building muscle mass! The fact is that many men and women have ideal bodies after regular exercise. The main difference between weightlifting and cardio is the side effects. After 1 hour of lifting weights, your body is still slowly burning calories, unlike cardio exercise, which only burns sweat as you move. Because of this, lifting weights can also be an efficient and effective exercise for losing weight.


Benefits of Weight Training: Maintaining Mood

Mental health disorders are far more of a concern than physical pain. Why? Aside from being difficult to spot, mental health disorders are also long-term. Patients with mental illnesses can recover and relapse at any time. Those of you who used to experience frequent ups and downs, stress, depression or other moods, please do strength training therapy. Not only is it more accessible, but strength training is also cheap. The more sports friends you have, the better. They can be great new friends or confidants. Are you sure you want to forego the benefits of weight training?


Benefits of Weight Training: Reducing the risk of sagging skin

Wrinkles and fine lines are two signs of ageing that everyone will experience. Reducing the effects of ageing isn’t just about applying beauty creams or eating healthy foods. You can do regular weightlifting exercises at home. Lifting weights helps keep blood circulation running smoothly, allowing the body to form collagen properly. It makes your skin look young even though you are no longer a girl.


Increase brain function

The benefits of weight training are said to increase the number of new brain cells. The method is straightforward. You need to do the exercises consistently. The long-term benefit is a better memory. You can easily do various jobs that require a high level of concentration.


Reducing the risk of diabetes

Whether you have diabetes or not, maintaining blood sugar levels is the first step to living a healthy and comfortable age. Aside from avoiding foods high in sugar, balance it with strength training. Based on research, those with muscle strength can be protected from diabetes by 32%. On the other hand, people with fragile body muscles are much more prone to type 2 diabetes.


The quality of sleep has improved.

The next benefit of lifting weights is related to the hours of sleep. It is said that regular strength training can help a person have better quality sleep. This fact has even gone through the stages of research with entirely satisfactory results. For those who can’t sleep well 50% of the time, you need to try lifting weights. This sport consumes a lot of energy and automatically sweats. The body still needs sleep to recover.


Tips for a good and correct weight training

Anyone can lift heavy weights. However, can you get it right? The benefits of weight training vary widely, but when done without preparation, it can lead to muscle injury. Follow these tips if you decide to lift weights as your regular exercise.


Find the right pace

The pace we mean here is how fast your movements are when you lift weights. A good weightlifting technique is 3:1, where you lower the weights on three and raise them on 1. This method is more effective than using the 2:2 formula. You can also learn other weightlifting techniques from a professional trainer.


Regulate breathing well

The benefits of lifting weights may not be as rapid as other types of exercise, especially if your body weight hasn’t reached your ideal weight. For best results, regulate your breathing well when lifting and lowering the load. What are the rules for good breathing? Inhale as you lower the weights and exhale as you lift the weights. The teacher usually teaches this technique in the first lesson.


Do routine exercises

Lifting heavy weights for the first time is challenging, especially if you’re not used to it. So that the body is not surprised, even more, you should do this exercise regularly, at least three times a week. Take alternate days, so the body is not exhausted.


Choose the duration and number of repetitions.

Your adventure of losing weight with strength training has just begun. For this sport to give positive results, exercise 20 minutes per set. So that you don’t get bored so quickly, choose 2-3 types of movement that you are good at.


Master the simple movements first.

The body can fully feel the benefits of weight training if you perform the movements properly and correctly. Before you force yourself to try different complicated moves, we recommend choosing the most specific activities first. The weight of the load must also be light or suitable for your physical abilities.


Warm up before exercise and cool down afterwards

Lift like the pros. In addition to focus, pros typically begin their workout with a few minutes of cool-down an hour before their training. Then continue to cool down after the exercise is over. Weightlifting is no longer a male sport. The evidence is that many women consciously go to the gym to play these sports. However, the main goal is not to build muscle but to get all the benefits of strength training.