How to improve the body’s metabolism? Can we increase the body’s metabolism? Let’s look at our rating this time. Metabolism can be interpreted as a chemical reaction in the body. This process keeps the body in peak condition according to its function. Before we discuss how to maximize metabolism, it helps us to know in advance what metabolism is.


What is body metabolism?

Metabolism is all chemical processes that take place continuously in the body. These processes keep us alive and ensure that all organs, such as respiration, cell regeneration and food digestion, function correctly. Metabolism is a process that never stops, even when we sleep.

These chemical processes require energy to take place. Well, everyone’s energy needs are different based on height, age, gender, and genetic factors. These things also affect how fast or slow a person’s metabolic processes are.

increase body's metabolism

How to increase and improve body metabolism

Well, back to the two questions in the opening paragraph, the answer is yes! There are several ways you can keep the metabolism in the body balanced and working correctly.


body’s metabolism tips #1: proteins

Depending on the type of food, eating can boost the body’s metabolism for several hours. Proteins take longer to digest than carbohydrates and fats. Because of this, you are eating plenty of protein will keep you feeling full longer and prevent you from overeating.

One study found that people who follow specific diet programs include up to 30% protein. Remember, while protein is suitable for metabolism, your body also needs adequate fat and carbohydrate intake. So eat more than just protein. It’s terrible for your health.


body’s metabolism tips #2: water

Those who chose to drink water instead of flavoured drinks had a more significant weight loss percentage. That’s because flavoured beverages are high in calories. So if you replace it with plain water, your body will absorb fewer calories. That said, water can be a way to improve the body’s metabolism.

The metabolism works even better if you drink cold water. It is because your body uses more energy to equalize body temperature. This energy is obtained from metabolic processes that burn calories to become energy.

Remember that the cold water in question is not water mixed with ice. Ice cubes have a terrible effect when consumed. The correct use of ice cubes is to serve as a vessel for cooling water in a separate bottle, e.g. B., for cooling a champagne bottle in an ice bucket.


body’s metabolism tips #3: Sports

To boost your body’s metabolism, exercise is, of course, highly recommended. You can choose different types of exercises, both low and high intensity. These exercise activities can help you burn fat by increasing your body’s metabolism. A study shows that regular exercise for 12 weeks can reduce fat mass by up to 2kg and eliminate bloated abdomen by up to 17%.

For the best metabolism, it is advisable to choose high-intensity sports. However, low-intensity exercise is also good if your condition doesn’t allow it.


body’s metabolism tips #4: weightlifting

Muscles are more active in metabolic processes than fat. Activities aimed at building muscle can be a way to improve the body’s metabolism. That means you burn more calories daily, even when resting.

Lifting weights can help you keep your muscles in shape while avoiding the metabolic slowdown that usually occurs when you lose weight—because of this, lifting weights is often an exercise menu to maintain muscle mass, strength, and metabolic balance.


body’s metabolism tips #5: Stand up

We know that sitting too much is bad for your health. Some argue that sitting too long is almost as bad as smoking because the sitting position slows down the metabolism in the body.

The way to improve the body’s metabolism is to stand more. During the day, standing habits can burn 174 more calories. Therefore, change your work chair to a chair without wheels so that you can move and stand more.


body’s metabolism tips #6: Green tea

Green tea has many metabolic properties. One study even shows that drinking green tea can increase metabolism by up to 5%. It is because green tea can convert fat into fatty acids in the body. Green tea is also low in calories, so it is very suitable for consumption in weight loss programs. A good metabolism also makes it easier to control weight.


body’s metabolism tips #7: Spicy food

The content of capsaicin, which gives chilli peppers and certain spices a tangy flavour, can burn calories. Pepper contains not only chilli but also aromatic substances helpful in increasing the body’s metabolism. However, not everyone has strong digestion, so limiting the consumption of spicy foods is necessary.


body’s metabolism tips #8: sleep at night

Lack of sleep, especially at night, can lead to an increased risk of obesity. It refers to a disrupted metabolic performance due to incorrect sleep patterns. Lack of sleep is also often associated with elevated blood sugar levels, which increase insulin resistance. It is, of course, the most significant factor in type 2 diabetes.

Lack of sleep also stimulates certain hormones that make you often feel hungry. As a result, you will overeat. Therefore, those who do not have a good sleep pattern often have difficulty losing weight because the metabolism in their body is not working optimally.


body’s metabolism tips #9: caffeine

Several studies have shown that consuming a certain amount of caffeine can be a way to improve the body’s metabolism. Like green tea, caffeine in coffee can help increase metabolism by up to 11%. It is undoubtedly very helpful in burning fat. In another study, caffeine can burn 29% more fat in people at ideal body weight. From it can be concluded that caffeine can be one of the menus in your diet program.

Maintaining metabolism is a lifestyle choice. It would help if you created a healthy lifestyle to increase the body’s metabolism because a good metabolism can help you keep your ideal body weight and support the process of losing weight. You need to know that our metabolism continues to slow down as we age. That is why an elderly person tends to gain weight. As metabolism slows, more fat accumulates and is not converted to energy. A slowed metabolism can also affect muscles, which tend to lose mass. Therefore, sporting activities to improve the metabolism must be maintained in old age.


The nine ways above can be your reference for maintaining metabolism.