Dreaming of a good body has different reasons, and one of them is health. You can start by learning how to increase muscle mass, a simple and easy guide to help beginners get the perfect muscle. According to some experts, a good muscle-building exercise results from a combination of cardio and weight lifting.

How to increase muscle mass for beginners

For beginners, increasing muscle mass may seem like a very strange and new thing. In order not to be surprised after a workout, first do the types of simple exercises that you can do on your own. Here are some examples of effective muscle-building exercises:


pulling up

Hanging it with a pole as a base sounds easy. But you still need to learn to do the technique well to avoid injury. Pull-ups are a type of workout that requires focus and a combination of physical strength, particularly the arm, shoulder, and back muscles.

How to build shoulder muscles

To do pull-ups, you need to prepare a pull-up bar as equipment. Before you jump to reach the bar, keep your feet at shoulder level. Grasp the bar with both hands and raise your torso, then hold for a few seconds as your chin crosses the bar. Balance your body by crossing your ankles and bending your knees. The final step is to slowly lower your body and come back to the floor.



To increase muscle mass, there is no need to use weights in the first phase. Squats are a type of exercise good for building waist muscles, hamstrings, and core muscles. There are so many squat moves out there that you can even use dumbbells to try dumbbell split squats. Before trying this exercise, try the single-leg squat first. Assume an upright position, and then extend your right arms and legs forward. Do squats without changing posture.


How to increase muscle mass with bent-over barbell row exercises

Is the best type of exercise to increase mid-back muscle mass. For this exercise, hold the barbell with both hands (palms facing in). Next, bend your knees so your body leans slightly forward. Slowly raise the barbell, stopping when you reach your stomach. Hold for a few seconds, then lower the weight. Repeat this exercise according to physical ability.


How to increase muscle mass with push-ups

Another easy way to increase muscle mass is by doing push-ups. Just like squats, this exercise offers a variety of movements. Each level has its level of difficulty and beginners, do push-ups on the first level. Use a chair or table as an aid. After making sure everything is ready, please assume the plank position with your hands resting on a chair or table. Later, your torso will be much higher than your feet. The posture must be completely straight (legs are not straight). Then raise your body until your arms are straight and lower it back down until your elbows are bent.


How to increase muscle mass with leg press exercises

How to increase muscle mass this time is much more intense because it uses a machine. The leg press is a muscle exercise that primarily focuses on building the thigh muscles. Please sit down on the leg press machine first and place your feet on the machine’s platform. Second, squeeze the leg until the lower part of the body contracts and return to the starting position. The leg press should be performed for up to 3 sets of 12 repetitions each. But as a beginner, you can only try one set of exercises at first.


How To Increase Muscle Mass With Deadlift Exercises

If you don’t already have a HOME GYM, go to the nearest gym to do barbell deadlifts. This weightlifting exercise helps to train upper muscle strength like arm muscles. As a first step, please hold the barbell. The starting position should be straight and include your arms, back, and thighs parallel to the floor. Raise the barbell to a standing stance (the weight is on your thighs), then slowly lower it back down.


chin up

This method of increasing muscle mass has a movement that is almost similar to pull-ups. Chin-up is a movement to work the biceps and back muscles. The big difference between pull-ups and chin-ups lies in the position of the palms. Assume a standing position under the bar, then grasp with both hands (palms facing in and at shoulder level). Slowly raise yourself and stop when your chin is through the bar (bend your legs back). Pause for a few seconds before lowering your body to the starting position.


Bench press with barbell

There are many ways to increase muscle mass with a barbell, and one of them is this exercise. In the first step, lie on a flat bench and hold the barbell with both hands (palms facing out). In the second step, lower the barbell down until it’s parallel to your chest, then raise it back up until your arms are vertical. Perform this exercise several times depending on your physical capacity.



Dips can be performed using a variety of existing equipment. You don’t always have to wear a dips bar. Assume a standing position between the dip bars, with your hands resting on each bar (legs crossed behind you). The next step lowers and raises the body by resting on the dips bar.


Prepare this before increasing muscle mass in the gym

If your intention to train to have ideal muscle mass is strong enough, don’t forget to prepare as well. This is an important thing that should be prepared before practice. Here are some supplements for building muscle mass:


Create a good training plan

As a first step, please create a training plan. This schedule will help you stay consistent with muscle training. Good muscle training for beginners doesn’t come around every day. You must take some time off. After training on Monday, continue the second training session on Wednesday. Rest your body from strength training on Tuesday so that the results of training are better and injuries are avoided.


Increase knowledge of movement

You need to master how to build muscle mass well before going to the fitness center. Nowadays it is very easy to find information about muscle training. You can download it online through the website or open a YouTube channel. Add more training information over time to increase muscle mass. Don’t be afraid to learn from a fitness trainer if you find it difficult.


Don’t forget to balance your diet

Muscle training produces a lot of sweat. This calorie-burning process automatically reduces energy sources in the body and can only be restored by eating healthy foods. When you set your exercise plan, you also manage your eating plan. Junk food and fatty foods should be avoided. Choose foods that are good for increasing muscle mass, like chicken breasts or eggs.


Choose the type of muscle exercise

You can train your triceps or biceps and combine them with big muscles like your chest or back muscles. Each combination of muscle training has different movements, please choose the most simple and easy movement. Achieving desired muscle mass cannot be instant and easy. But enjoy each process and be consistent in your exercise program. Choose any of the exercises we’ve outlined previously and balance them with exercise tips.