Exercise is one of the body’s needs to stay fit and healthy. The species are also very diverse, one of them is worth trying martial arts. Identical to men, but over time, many women began to be interested in this sport. From the point of view of the basic techniques, the martial arts movements for men and women do not differ much. There are so many benefits that can be gained from practicing this martial art.

Definition and types of martial arts

Martial arts is a sport that combines physical activity and art, self-defense or self-protection techniques, and spiritual cultivation. Martial arts are not only healthy for the body but can also keep a person’s mental state in stable state. No wonder many women are now interested in this sport.

There are different types of self-defense, so both men and women can practice this sport. There are at least 4 (four) types of martial arts that can be tried:


  1. Judo

You must be familiar with the term judo. Including martial arts that combine time, technique, and also one’s skills while doing it. In addition to skill, accuracy is also important in judo.


  1. Taekwondo

In practice, this sport requires a high level of discipline and patience. The focus of this martial art is on dexterity and foot speed. There is special training if you are interested in this sport.


  1. Karate

Lots of physical effort like kicking, hitting, and attacking, especially with your elbows. This is a type of martial art that also teaches a person self-control and high discipline.


  1. Pencak silat

One of the martial arts from Indonesia focuses on the coordination between brain and body movements. Good for improving focus and body reaction. The body becomes more agile and has quick and precise movements, especially in the face of danger.


What are the benefits of martial arts?

Martial arts are very good for maintaining a healthy body. In addition, it turns out that other benefits can be felt after practicing this one sport regularly. Both men and women can benefit from martial arts, what are they?


  1. Maintain cardiovascular health

In this martial art, you need strong energy to perform every move. This increases the heart rate. Cardiovascular endurance can automatically be healthier and prevent heart disease.


  1. Maximize Focus and Response

Self-defense not only requires a lot of energy but also requires people to be more focused and concentrated and have quick reaction movements. Later there will be a training called Attention State Training, which is designed to sharpen concentration so it can be more focused. Automatic response and coordination between brain and body movements can be maximized.


  1. Supple body

Movements in this sport such as high kicks, throws, and acrobatic moves can increase the flexibility of a person’s body. The risk of personal injury can be prevented. The body becomes more flexible and less prone to injury.


  1. Overcome stress

Self-defense can also overcome stress issues. People who practice this martial art regularly will be able to reduce stress and avoid symptoms of depression. Endorphin hormones are released as a result of the physical activity involved in this sport. Even a bad mood can change for the better.


  1. Full body exercise

This type of exercise requires all limbs to move until all muscles are engaged. This can increase endurance, muscle mass, muscle strength, balance yourself, and improve mood as well. It can be said that this sport is a total sport for your body.


  1. Build focus

Martial arts, including taekwondo, are discipline-building practices. Where every move against the enemy requires a high level of concentration to be able to defend yourself.

Not only concentration, people who learn this martial art will also be able to concentrate well.


  1. Increase self-confidence

The next benefit of Taekwondo is the increase in self-confidence. It must be known that someone who practices taekwondo has a good sense of self. This comes from having a positive attitude and view of yourself.

For example, if someone wants to perform a kick, they need enough confidence to be balanced and not fall.


  1. Good social life

Ladies and gentlemen, please note that taekwondo is not a solo or individual activity. People who practice taekwondo face other parties, be they, friends or teachers.

Another reason why taekwondo can improve social life is that there are several people in a class studying this martial art. If you’re having trouble with a movement, people will ask others to socialize.


  1. Can recover after a failure

Becoming the best at taekwondo or any other martial art is not always about winning. In many of the philosophies behind martial arts, it is important to understand that sometimes you will fail. The true lesson of martial arts is how to bounce back when you fail.

After all, as we all know, failure is not the end of life, but the beginning of getting better. By accepting this failure, people will immediately get up and keep trying to get the best results. Friends, these are the mental health benefits of taekwondo. Are you interested in trying this martial art?

This is the understanding, types, and benefits of martial arts. When you see the many benefits of martial arts, you would be interested, wouldn’t you? You can practice martial arts as an alternative to exercise that is both healthy and not boring.