Do you have a muscular body? Who is afraid, anyone can have it, as long as they know how to build muscle mass properly. Just like when someone wants to go on a diet, regular exercise and food intake need to be considered. At this stage of your workout, you should be able to burn more calories than you consume. When measured, 1 pound of muscle requires 2800 calories burned. You probably don’t have time to count your calorie intake every day. So to make it easier to gain muscle mass, there are some tips you can follow.

7 tips to increase muscle mass properly and quickly

The effect of a well-muscled body is not only in the direction of health. You may also appear more confident than before. There are separate tips for increasing muscle mass since this cannot be done carelessly. The wrong way can be harmful to the body, muscles are not formed and you have pain in several parts of the body. What are the ways to properly increase muscle mass, you can see below:


Drink mineral water regularly

Every time you stop exercising or do other activity that makes you sweat, you need to replace them with a new intake of bottled water. Bodily fluids that come out of this sweat need to be replaced for muscle repair and building to function properly. For those of you who have been lazy about drinking water, change that habit from now on. Drinking water is also good for avoiding dehydration problems and curbing hunger pangs due to an empty stomach. Be sure to increase your water consumption and balance your diet by meeting fiber needs.


Focus on training big muscles

Train different muscle groups on different days. Instead of training your whole body in each session, it’s best to separate your muscle groups so that some parts of your body have time to rest while other parts of your bodywork. The type of exercise you do is certainly different from what you normally do. Training should focus on the large muscles in the back, chest, and legs. You can train it by lifting weights, squats, pull-ups, bent-over rows, deadlifts, and the like. Pay attention to the time of the exercise, which should be performed from 6 to 12 times in three workouts. Also, add the rest of the 30 seconds to 1 minute. Also, reduce cardio exercise.


Increase consumption of high protein

You need to consume 46-56 grams of protein per day! Along with carbohydrates, protein is a nutrient that we routinely eat every day. The protein we eat generally comes from meat, eggs, milk, and nuts. High protein foods are the key to success in building muscle mass. Why? Because new protein is easier to build and store than old protein, it’s important to add new protein every day. Food types needed such as cooked beef steak, soy milk, chicken breast, eggs, and milk. The amount of protein needed reaches 12-15% of the daily caloric intake.


Check meal times more often

When dieting, you should eat no later than 6 p.m., as digestion takes a long time to work. If it’s longer than that hour and you go to sleep right away, your body fat will increase. Similarly, if you want to increase muscle mass, it’s good to eat more often. You should eat every three hours to keep new protein coming into the body. Consume at least 20 grams of protein with each meal.


Post-workout carbohydrate consumption

The number of carbohydrates consumed must be reduced, and the way they are consumed should be properly regulated. Muscle building occurs faster if you eat carbohydrate-containing foods after training. At this point, insulin levels rise, so protein breakdown slows down. The type of carbohydrates consumed must also be right, such as whole grain products. Exercise is more optimal when supported by adequate food intake. Proper post-workout nutrition not only returns energy but also builds muscle mass and prepares the body for the next workout.


Set body rest times

To increase muscle mass, training sessions and eating are higher than usual. But that doesn’t mean your body can’t rest. Instead, it is important to recover the body from hard training every day. Especially when you are at rest, the muscle will grow and form. Although the effect is not felt immediately, if you follow the body’s work schedule, the body will always be healthy until old age. Experts say this muscle building occurs 48 hours after the end of the training session. So it’s best to sleep well at night.


Drink milk 30 minutes before bedtime

Don’t forget to drink milk 30 minutes before bedtime. This step is designed to maintain the calories you take in while you sleep. In addition, milk also reduces protein breakdown in the muscles. You can try mixing skim milk with raisins in a bowl. Regular consumption before bedtime can also be done with cottage cheese and a bowl of fruit. If the way to increase muscle mass is right, then you will have the desired body in a short time.

Even though it’s quick, you still need to be disciplined in engaging in exercise and dealing with rest and proper nutrition.