5 Pilates exercises to improve posture

Pilates is often confused with a part of yoga. Pilates was designed to strengthen and rehabilitate the body to make it stronger. One of the benefits of Pilates is improving posture.

As reported by the British Heart Foundation, Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the strength and flexibility of your body. This exercise will make your spine and joints more flexible. In addition, the muscles of the shoulders, lower back, and abdomen also become stronger. However, if you have certain medical conditions, e.g. B. after surgery, please consult your doctor first before doing Pilates exercises.

What then are the benefits of this Pilates movement? Check out the reviews below:

1. Get a fit body

Pilates is a type of exercise that focuses on physical fitness rather than just focusing on specific muscles. Pilates can work all of the body’s core strength, including breathing and mental balance, which are rarely found in other types of exercise.

2. Train physical strength

The second benefit that is felt from someone doing this Pilates move often is physical strength training, so it is very suitable for those of you looking to build overall and lasting physical strength and muscular strength. Some types of exercise may only focus on weight gain or mass building, but not Pilates. This exercise will also build strength and muscle mass at the same time.

3. Build posture

Surely everyone wants an ideal posture. To get it, you can do this Pilates move. The basic movements performed in this exercise can train the body to move in muscular strength and harmony, allowing it to adopt a proportional posture. In addition, you will also get a fresher and healthier body if you do this exercise regularly.

4. Increase the energy

Maybe some people think exercise just wastes energy because of fatigue. However, it turns out that some people think wrong. Any type of exercise will consciously add energy because you are used to performing movements and also working the muscles of the body. Especially if you do this Pilates exercise often. The reason is that this exercise can train the respiratory circuit, focus muscles, and the spine, and increase energy production and fitness.

5. Lose weight

Doing this Pilates exercise regularly can also help you lose weight. This exercise not only builds a proportional body but also burns calories very effectively. You can combine the movements in this exercise with aerobics to achieve a more proportional posture.

6. Strengthens the core muscles of the body

Another benefit that can be gained when someone does this Pilates exercise is that it can strengthen the core muscles of the body. The core muscles themselves are a complex set of muscles that stretch from the lower pecs, abdomen, and back to the muscles around the pelvis. This muscle is a chain that connects the upper and lower parts of the human body.

Weak or flexible core muscles can impair the function of the arms and legs and can even tire the body easily during activities. Because of this, Pilates movements can strengthen the body’s core muscles, allowing them to build stability and core muscle strength.

Pilates exercise to improve posture

1. Roll up Pilates

Before doing Pilates, you need to prepare several tools, such as B. a mat and barbells to support your workout.

Pilates curling movements are believed to be useful for improving posture. Usually, this movement is performed as a warm-up before performing other movements. With this technique, you will feel your spine parallel to the mat. The steps:

• Lie on your back on a mat and place your hands on your head.
• Raise your arms until your wrists are in line with your shoulders.
• Begin waking up from your current position by bending your body.
• This movement works when you feel like you are in a “U” position with your arms stretched out in front of you.

2. Tricep dips

The tricep dips might sound difficult, but knowing the keys can make your Pilates workout easier. The key is to pull your shoulders in, which in turn tightens your upper back and triceps.

Start by sitting on a mat with your legs stretched out in front of you and your back facing toward a sturdy chair or box. Place your palms on the box, fingers facing forward. Try to straighten your arms so you can raise and lower your legs.

After that, bend your elbows to lower your back, but don’t let your butt touch the floor. Make sure your heels stay on the floor and your elbows are behind your body.

3. Dumbbell Bent Back Fly

Pilates movements with a barbell aim to strengthen your back so that your posture improves. When your back strength is stable, your slouching habit will decrease.

First, try holding a barbell in each hand and stand shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent. Then try to bend down until your upper back is slightly tilted forward. Once successful, you can begin to raise the barbell to your sides and return to the starting position.

4. Deadlift with dumbbells

One of the Pilates exercises that can strengthen your hamstrings will also help you reduce stress on your lower back. To improve posture, the steps for this Pilates move are as follows:

• First, stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart.
• Try to hold the barbell in your hands with your palms facing your thighs.
• Try to do this by bending your knees slightly and pushing your hips back to reduce the stress on your legs.
• Then you can slowly return to a standing position, trying not to bend or arch your back.

5. Superman

The steps for this Pilates movement, consist of lying on your stomach, facing the mat, and your hands above your head. Then try to lift your body off the mat and hold for a while before returning to the starting position.

Some of the above Pilates exercises can be useful for improving your posture if done regularly. However, if you are concerned about injuring yourself while performing the above techniques, see a Pilates instructor or class with an experienced trainer.